The most pretentious male guest in the history of running men, the first place in hypocrisy, the director can't stand it
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The most pretentious male guest in the history of running men, the first place in hypocrisy, the director can’t stand it

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“Brothers on the Run” this issue ushered in four new guests, namely Zhang Dada, Meng Meiqi, Song Zuer and Huang Ling. These four guests and the running men’s team launched a genuine and fake “VIP member” screening battle. For every artist, the shots in the running men are extremely precious. Among the four guests, Zhang Dali can be said to have enough gimmicks. The barrage satires the running men’s team ushering in the most pretentious male guest in history. Let’s enjoy it. Great performance by Zhang Da.

Less than ten minutes after the show was broadcast, Zhang Dada’s voice has been unceasing, giving people the first impression of “talking a lot”. Watching other people’s games, Zhang Dada kept saying like an off-site commentator, full of presence. .

In the Duan Shui master session, Zhang Da, restless expression, stealing lips, tragic cry, Li Chen’s strength combined with Zhang Da’s acting skills, the two staged a perfect masochistic drama, and the barrage ridiculed Zhang. Big “Greasy Master” “I’m All Over The Play”

During the coconut grabbing session, Zhang Da came up and scratched his cheeks, his face was full of sorrow, and asked the director, “Don’t you say on land?” “I can’t swim or climb trees” “How can I go on?” “No way, no way, I can’t slide down, I can’t swim”, the more he talks about it, the more ridiculous he is acting like a baby to the baby.

The results did not disappoint everyone. The girls have all been in the water, only Zhang Dada is still struggling on the shore “No, wait for me”, dragging his legs everywhere in the competition, the coconut in his hand flew.

The horse team competition came to Zhang Da’s hypocritical link again. Seeing the balloon Zhang Da was completely resisted, with trembling lips suspecting that the director targeted him for his personal weakness. While spitting out, explain to baby: “I will faint, I was bombed by a bomb when I was a kid”

Zhang Dada came on stage. The PK target was the thin and small Song Zuer. Zhang Dada surrendered in advance and applied to the director to admit defeat, and fell directly to the ground. Yao Yitian couldn’t stand it: “Hurry up,” Song Zuer ridiculed mercilessly. The director has nothing to do with you. Be patient. Then Zhang Dada pointed to Song Zuer twice in a row and won gloriously.

In the final session, Shiatsu, it’s time for Zhang Da to perform again, “Didn’t you say that there is no Shiatsu?” “There is no balloon, no water, no Shiatsu, Yao PD, can you solve the problem first?” The game settings are all aimed at Zhang Dalai. Yao Yitian was speechless, and responded with two words-enough!

Zhang Da’s journey of running men can be regarded as grabbing the shots. It is either panic or scared, either acting like a baby or gagging. The whole show has been doing unnecessary struggles with the director. What can’t you do? The first place is hypocritical, and the barrage is screaming. He is the most hypocritical male guest in the history of running men.


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