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The most impressive and “memorable” features on older versions of Windows OS

-> Windows has been around in the world for 35 years, a long time since its debut in 1985 with an MS-DOS-based user interface. There have been many versions of Windows that came out with a lot of features that impress the user community, some of which are no longer developed or bundled with Windows 10 today. Let’s take a look back at history to review some of the most impressive features of older versions of Windows.

Windows 95: Space Cadet 3D Pinball game “legend”

This is a classic game, and is one of the most famous integrated games on Windows. Pinball 3D always brings great joy for users when the computer does not have the Internet or is waiting to download a large file of some size. Introduced in the Plus Pack update for Windows 95 and later pre-installed in Windows XP later. Space Cadet 3D Pinball is a simple but interesting game, the player must keep the ball from falling into the hole at the bottom of the table.


The game also saves scores and even players can compare scores with other players in a table that is stored offline on the machine. The game was developed by Maxis in 1995, then switched to integrate into Windows by former engineer David Plummer at Microsoft. For those who do not know, Mr. Plummer is the father of the “super application” Task Manager, you can read more in this article:

[Có thể bạn chưa biết] In the past, you had to pay to use Task Manger on Windows

Windows XP is the last version of Windows to integrate this game. Its subsequent versions, including Windows XP 64-bit Edition, no longer have Pinball. The reason for this is that Microsoft had trouble switching Pinball to a 64-bit architecture, but today we can still find versions of this game ported by third parties.

Windows ME: Simple Movie Maker video creation program

Another familiar name for most of us who use Windows like us. Windows Movie Maker (WMM) is designed to simply edit video clips, users can add titles, text, music and even impressive video transition effects to create fun home videos, Then share again with relatives and friends.


WMM was first integrated on Windows ME in 2000, then updated and integrated on Windows XP and Vista. Then turned into a standalone app called Windows Live Movie Maker that can be easily installed on Windows 7 and 8. WMM can be called Microsoft version of iMovie, a simple, easy-to-use video editing application and Completely free with Windows.

Many users have asked Microsoft to bring back WMM when the integrated video editor on Windows 10 is not really good. Many YouTube videos from the past have been edited with Movie Maker. WMM has done a good job, that’s for sure 😁

Windows XP: Media center multimedia center

Windows Media Center (WMC) is a feature that not everyone needs, but everyone who uses it will love it. It will turn your PC into a Hub containing all digital content like photos, videos, movies, music and even live TV. WMC first appeared in a separate version of Windows XP called Windows XP Media Center Edition. This version of XP comes pre-installed on laptops and desktops with a lot of multimedia content.


WMC was later included in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the Xbox 360 console, then became a paid software that could be installed on Windows 8.. Microsoft officially dissolved the WMC development team in 2009 shortly after the release of Windows 7, officially discontinuing support. There is no WMC on Windows 10 today, and no option to install it for a fee. You can still manually install using port user files on the network, but may not work very well. Of course the users who used WMC were very sad because it no longer exists.

A fun fact, the design of WMC is a bit like Metro UI, which products like Zune and Windows Phone follow later.

Windows Vista: Aero Flip 3D window browsing interface

When Microsoft demoed Windows Vista for the first time in public, the most impressive feature was the new 3D UI to switch between open windows, called Aero Flip 3D.. Press the key combination Windows + Tab, a beautiful 3D interface appears, extremely impressive.


Aero Flip is simple, but satisfying enough for the user. Windows has never had the interface to switch windows so cool. Today we can see it as a simple effect, but at the time of Vista’s launch, it looked too future. Aero Flip was also integrated on Windows 7 later, but on Windows 8 it was removed to switch to a flatter UI ☹️

Windows Vista: The best Start Menu ever on Windows

Windows Vista made a lot of mistakes, but it also got a lot of things right. The Start Menu is undoubtedly the best Start Menu Windows has ever had. Elegant, sleek and also the first Start Menu integrated search engine that can search both on the web. Searching on Windows XP and previous versions of Windows is not very good, but on Windows Vista things are a lot easier.


This is also the first time that the Start Menu removes the extended menu type to see the installed programs when hovering the mouse over the All Programs line., instead is a simplified list that fits neatly into the Start Menu, very intuitive. It’s good that Microsoft keeps it that way on Windows 7, only updating its design and features a bit.

Unfortunately, Microsoft later removed this very good Start Menu to switch to the full-screen Start Menu on Windows 8. Users don’t like this at all and all want the old Start Menu to return. Microsoft has finally responded, but the Start Menu on Windows 10 is still not as good as on Windows 7, because it has separated the built-in search engine separately.

Those are the most impressive and “memorable” features for me on old versions of Windows, how many versions of Windows have you used? If you are impressed with any other features, please share : D


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