The most effective way of deodorizing cars today?

The most effective way of deodorizing cars today?

Car odor is one of the most unpleasant and “stubborn” odors. There are many ways to deodorize cars, but not all are effective and safe for health.

Car stench – unspoken obsession

It will be haunting to sit “suffering” on a car with an unpleasant smell. Even many car sick people just hear the smell of cars once is haunting other cars even though not yet sat up. Above all, when a guest gets in the car and the unpleasant odors appear, the owner must also cry and laugh. There are many causes of car odor. Many causes can come from the car itself and there are also many causes due to the smell of the outside or objects brought into the car to retain odors. The smell affects many users, making car users uncomfortable with their vehicle space.

The cause of automobile odor

People who have a habit of smoking even though they have opened the car door while smoking still keep the smell on the car or smell the smell in the steering wheel, seats … creating a bad smell. The liquids you carry on your car spill onto the floor when not properly cleaned, causing a bad smell. Or the smell of food you bring on the car also clings to the furniture, plus tight spaces, the air is not convected for a long time creates unpleasant odors.

Food and drink brought into the car is the cause of the smell

Food and drink brought into the car is the cause of the smell

The odor can come from the shoes, sandals of the vehicle users such as dirt sticking to the shoes, rain water on the shoes on the car … Or when the driver forgot to close the glass door, you move through the area with a bad smell or parked. park the car in places where it smells, the car also smells … The smell may come from your pet when carrying it outside, in addition to the smell, their fur is also a concern for sensitive people, allergic to animal hair. Or your baby’s pee in the car, the smell of your baby’s diapers is also the cause of the smell.

Pets are also responsible for the smell

Pets are also responsible for the smell

The reason may come from new cars, new cars with the smell of leather seats, the smell of plastic and many other smells creating a smell that causes a headache for some people. The air-conditioning system in the car, this is a convenient place to provide moisture for the bacteria and mold to grow and spread from here into the car because of the unpleasant smell. If you do not finish the unpleasant odor will return in a short time.

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Influences become “obsessive”

The most serious effect of automobile odor is the impact on human psychology. Because odors can produce many reactions of the body such as fun, alert or tired, distracted, uncomfortable … So for many people, the smell of cars increases the feeling of car sickness, dizziness. , dizziness, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath … If mild, the smell of cars causes fatigue and discomfort for car users, especially when traveling on long distances.

  The odor affects the health of car users

The odor affects the health of car users

The reaction of the body every day must constantly smell the driver will be prone to stress, nervous tension, if prolonged will lead to chronic diseases such as insomnia, allergic odor, rhinitis … In severe cases, if the odor is too strong for a long time, the nose will be gradually lost the feeling, this time there will be no more odor.

Smelling a lot of unpleasant odors can cause stress

Smelling a lot of unpleasant odors can cause stress

In tight car spaces combined with unpleasant odors, it will create a very frustrating feeling, causing a feeling of cramp for the user, especially in the summer, when the air is hot, the odor is even more uncomfortable. Some strange odors that make drivers become irritable or unable to control the speed are also odors that should be removed from the cabin soon, if you do not want to face dangerous situations when driving distracted, deal with the problem with violence.

For drivers, unpleasant odors lose their ability to concentrate when they have to constantly breathe these odors. When driving a car if you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, hallucinations due to the odor, it will reduce the ability to judge and handle the situation of the driver, leading to many serious consequences.

  The smell makes driver distract

The smell makes driver distract

Odors from the interior of the car, with materials such as leather, felt, plastic after a long time of use will produce an unpleasant odor if not maintained regularly. Plus the smell of gasoline and air conditioning on cars makes many people so obsessed with cars, just hear the smell from afar and not have to get on the moving car. Bacteria and molds proliferate in car air-conditioning systems, making the car users’ resistance affected, susceptible to respiratory diseases, colds, coughs …

  Cars that smell are

Cars that smell are “obsessive” to all passengers in the car

The popular way to eliminate car odor today

Surely many people are too familiar with the methods of car deodorization, but the way for the best effect, and how safe, not everyone knows. Here are some simple car deodorant tips, quite a lot of people apply.

Deodorize with pineapple (pineapple)

Pineapple is a popular fruit with low price and easy to find. Few people know that it also has an extremely effective deodorizing effect. Using a ripe pineapple anywhere in the car, the unpleasant smell will be blown away overnight and replaced with clean, fragrant air. Not only that, pineapple leaves also bring the same effect, you just take a few pineapple leaves, crushed, put in a bag to open and put on the car and wait for the miracle.

  Pineapple and pineapple leaves both provide very effective deodorant

Pineapple and pineapple leaves both provide very effective deodorant

This is a very effective and easy to follow tip, especially using completely natural materials so it has the advantage of being safe and economical. However, this method is only effective in a short time and must be replaced regularly because pineapple decomposes very quickly can backfire. Ripe pineapples can also attract a variety of insects, so if you’re not careful you will have to spend more time and effort to kill insects for your “driver”. In addition, some people have a habit of using pineapple candles to promote better deodorizing effect. This is extremely wrong and dangerous, burning candles on the car has the potential to cause an explosion at any time.

Use activated carbon

Activated carbon is known as a versatile preparation with a multitude of different benefits, the deodorizing effect is one of them. The evidence is that most types of hoods and air filters now use this material. Usage is also very simple, just put an activated carbon bag below the seat or near the vent, it will promote air filtration function, eliminate unpleasant odors along with bacteria and mold on car.

The method of using activated carbon is widely applied because of the efficiency it brings

The method of using activated carbon is widely applied because of the efficiency it brings

The method of using activated carbon for deodorizing is being widely used by the effect it brings. This way also has the advantage of being safe for health and suitable for those who like cars without smell instead of types of scents. However, it should be noted that the issue of counterfeit activated carbon is now widely sold on the market. If you do not know how to distinguish what is real activated carbon, you can easily “grab” a bag of “activated” charcoal. Be careful when buying goods to avoid loss of money.

Coffee bag

Using coffee bags to deodorize the car is a measure many people choose because of its great uses. Coffee has a strong yet extremely pleasant aroma, almost no one is allergic or uncomfortable to the smell of coffee. Just need to prepare a coffee bag and hang it in a place where it is easy to diffuse the smell as near air-conditioner, deodorizing effect will be promoted quickly.

Compared to the tips mentioned above, using coffee bags also shows more advantages. The biggest plus point of coffee is the smell of it is very strong and chewy so no matter how strong your car smell, it will easily be “beaten” with just a small bag of coffee. In addition, coffee works very quickly and is easy to see, you will not have to spend as much time waiting for the odor to disappear as when using pineapple and activated carbon.

Using a coffee bag shows many advantages over the rest

In addition, the caffeine contained in coffee also gives the driver a feeling of comfort and alertness, preventing drowsiness to make the trip safer. What is more wonderful than a trip that is both fragrant and safe with just one bag of coffee that is not too expensive. It should be noted that, although the aroma of coffee is very strong, over time it will easily evaporate and reduce the effect. So to get the best effect, you should replace the coffee bag every 3 to 6 months. Besides, should put coffee bags in dry places to avoid mold damage.

Clean the car

Hygiene is also a way to deodorize cars. You should remove the plastic film that covers the car parts. The smell of plastic mixed with other odors in the car such as leather seats often cause discomfort. After peeling off the plastic wrap, wipe the entire interior of the car with microfiber towels to deodorize new cars. Check and clean the car’s air filter. You can dry the air filter outside for a few hours to reduce the smell of the new car. Before drying the air filter, you should spray lightly with a little neutral deodorant water with a gentle scent like mint, relaxing, dry … this is good when you start the car, instead of the smell uncomfortable faintly gentle fragrance.

Car sanitation also helps to improve the smell of cars

Car sanitation also helps to improve the smell of cars

Use air-conditioning in car and take outside air

When you first get in the car, you should switch the mode of getting air in (Recirculation mode) to the mode of taking air in (Fresh Air mode). This helps circulate the outside air into the vehicle to help eliminate car odor. And while driving, you can partially lower the glass window to let outside air flow into the car and help to deodorize the car effectively.

Switch air intake mode to help air circulation better

Switch air intake mode to help air circulation better

Park your car in the sun and open the car window

High temperatures will cause chemical odors to evaporate and escape, helping to eliminate new car odor.

Car deodorizer

Deodorizer has the ability to create negative ions or incense molecules to help deodorize, purify the air, creating a fresh, fresh atmosphere in the car. Moreover, the negative ions or aroma molecules are born also make the body feel relieved, reduce stress, enhance blood circulation and anti-aging. Car deodorizer can quickly remove all odors, fishy, ​​musty smell, unpleasant smell, cigarette smell, leather seat odor, gasoline smell, …

Deodorizer has many different effects

Deodorizer has many different effects

Some deodorizers have the ability to kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses present in the car, helping to minimize car sickness due to unpleasant odors and prevent respiratory diseases. Protect the health of people traveling with cars sick, weak resistance, and people often use tobacco, alcohol.

The most effective way to deodorize cars?

Here is a story about trying different ways of deodorizing Ms. Nguyen Minh Ha (Bien Hoa – Dong Nai) shared:

I want to share my brothers and sisters tips to remove the car odor that I have drawn after the process of struggling with the smell from my car.

My husband just got promoted, the couple thought that it was time to have a car to cover the sun and rain, and to be proud of friends and neighbors. My family is in the suburbs, more than 10 km from the city center, and quite far from my family. So it is convenient to have a car to pick up his wife and children to go to work, to school, or to visit the countryside also convenient, especially when the storm in the Central region is even more necessary. Thinking about it, the couple brought their long-term savings to buy a small, lovely four-seater car to fit in the yard.

Buying cars is for convenience to move and carry belongings … Normally in the afternoon my husband will pick me up at the office, then go to the market and pick up my children in extra classes and the whole family move home. That day was also a scheduled day, my husband and I stopped by the market to buy some fresh food for the weekend barbecue. Everything was normal until I came home to realize it. The bag of seafood has a hole in it because of a pincer. Oh, the smell of fish, squid, shrimp, crabs rises! The couple cleaned, cleaned and cleaned all kinds of cars for an hour. Also temporarily less smell.

The next morning, my husband took the car to the garage to clean, it was better to be a little careful, but the smell of fishy in the car could not breathe. I used to be car sick, so I only dared to ride in the house next to the driver’s seat.

Despite the cleaning, the car still smells

Despite the cleaning, the car still smells

After my husband took the car to go to the toilet, I was still obsessed with the smell of car, but his father and son told me there was no smell. Only because I was too sensitive to or obsessed can I imagine that. But carefully calculated, I immediately went online to order a perfume bottle for cars to deodorize.

At first the perfume bottle also works as the car does not hear the smell of fish, nor the smell of new furniture, oil in the cabin anymore. This makes me feel very comfortable because the car sickness smell makes the drunk feeling come faster. Over a week later, not only did I smell fishy, ​​but I could also smell the rotten smell of seafood. This time I said the ban is not wrong, there must be a fishy smell on the car that my father did not recognize but my nose was very sensitive. At this time, the car perfume bottle is not effective anymore. Even the smell of perfume plus the fishy smell of seafood is even scarier.

My husband brought the car to the garage to clean the car again. After finishing cleaning, I learned online using grapefruit peel to deodorize. It is not very effective. Some people later use only sliced ​​oranges or tangerines to get in the car. I follow anyone who doubted the effect, but only saw flies, flies, mosquitoes filled with slices of oranges and tangerines to smell. Not to mention that I had 2 days to get green mold on slices of lemons and tangerines and had to clean up. Then someone even showed me how to ignore pineapple in the car for a pleasant smell, I tried it but it failed.

At this time, I was told by my friend in the agency how to use the car oil diffuser. I ordered a device and put it in the test car. The device mainly deodorizes with natural oils. I choose to buy grapefruit oil, with a faint aroma. At first the car smelled a little fishy, ​​but slowly reduced. After about half a day, there was no fishy smell. The whole car only smells of cool grapefruit essential oil.

Deodorizer is very compact, plugged into the cigarette socket in the car and used immediately. You not only eliminate unpleasant odors, but also bring a mild aroma to help the whole family feel comfortable. According to my research, natural oils are not only safe, but also good for health. Essential oils can reduce fatigue, prevent motion sickness, and boost mood. I used and found it very effective.

In current car deodorizers, using deodorizers is considered the most convenient, fast and effective solution. Because tips like using coffee bags, pineapples, activated carbon … mostly deodorize only in a slight state, it takes a lot of time to remove odorous molecules … In addition, according to many users, the above tips also quite inconvenient when used in cars, especially how to use pineapple. As for the deodorizer, because it is a product designed and manufactured exclusively for car deodorizing, using modern and safe deodorizing technologies, many car users appreciate and choose. choose to use.

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Car deodorizer – an effective car deodorizer solution

Currently, there are many types of car deodorizers on the market such as, for example, car diffuser, car deodorizer with dual technology, car deodorizer using ozone technology, deodorizer. Solar cars, … Each technology offers users different features and benefits, but all towards eliminating odors and making the air more fresh. In which, deodorizer can be divided into two main groups: ozone technology group and essential oil diffuser technology group.

Ozone deodorizer technology

Ozone deodorizer in cars is composed of Hepa filters and carbon filters. How it works: When operating a deodorizer it will produce ozone gas and negative ionic crystals. Negative ions are ions that benefit human health. In contrast, positive ions are harmful to health, causing odors, bacteria ..v..v ..

The deodorizer will produce negative ions, negative ions will fly in the air and it will neutralize with positive ions making the air cleaner, eliminating odors. Ozone gas is then produced, which breaks down the bonds of odor molecules in the air, causing the odor to disappear. At the same time, the negative ion gas produced removes the metal ions from the air. After these processes, fungal bacteria and respiratory pathogens are removed.

Currently most deodorizers use negative ions. The essence of the engine is that it will generate continuous negative ions in the air, and thanks to the air conditioning system, the ions will fly the ions to the entire car. Eliminate the smell on the interior. Unpleasant odors such as guava, jackfruit and durian juice are difficult to remove by air purifiers, but can be easily eliminated by ion deodorizers.

Mechanism of operation of deodorizing technology Ozone

In Ozone technology, there are 2 subcategories: ozone generation (O3) and ozone generation and negative ion generation.

  • Ozone deodorizer (O3) uses ozone (high oxidation) to break down the bonds of odorous molecules in the air, causing odors to disappear. To increase the effectiveness and minimize the effect, Ozone deodorizer now uses an additional layer of activated carbon.
  • A deodorizer that produces ozone and also negative ions. In addition to producing ozone, it also creates negative ions that help improve the filtration efficiency by removing bad metal ions from the air.

Deodorizer using Ozone technology has the advantage of being compact, lightweight, flexible. Natural smell like air should be suitable for everyone. Simple to use, effective quickly. However, deodorizing machines using Ozone technology have the disadvantage of using UV irradiation. So the device can harm the eyes, skin, and skin materials on cars. If the machine produces ozone in high concentrations, it will affect the respiratory system, causing a feeling of shortness of breath, nausea. On the other hand, negative ions are beneficial, but when negative ions combine with other ions in contrast, they form new uncontrollable compounds.

Car oil diffuser disperser

There are 4 main types of diffuser: ultrasound, heat, evaporation, misting. The machine is designed to evaporate essential oils, creating a deodorizing, cooling effect. The machine will diffuse the aroma of essential oils to help balance the air, quickly handle odors, mold on the car, kill bacteria, purify the air …

The diffuser has the other advantage of being compact, light, and convenient. This machine allows you to choose different types of natural oils to your liking: grapefruit oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint oil, lemon essential oil, citronella oil. Because the essential oil is 100% natural, it is safer and more safe to use than chemical car fragrances. Not only has the effect of deodorizing, eliminating bacteria in the air, improving the air … essential oils also have many other effects such as reducing fatigue – stress, increasing concentration, preventing motion sickness, relaxing spirit , repelling insects …

Car oil diffuser uses natural essential oils

Car oil diffuser uses natural essential oils

Some notes when choosing to buy car aroma diffuser

Because it is an electronic device, all types of automobile deodorizer have specific characteristics. To choose a quality, effective deodorizer, you should consider the following factors:

The results of the test run in the actual conditions of the device

In these related documents, most manufacturers will present the results of testing the performance of the machine in real conditions. These results will be one of the reliable basis for evaluating equipment performance. Therefore, when selecting a deodorizer, it is not advisable to ignore the information about the test assessments that the manufacturer has conducted. Or you can proceed with the trial. Currently, with the address of reputable car deodorizer, they let customers try the machine on the spot. For remote customers, customers can exchange after 3 to 7 days of use. So you can feel assured to check before deciding to buy.

Car deodorizers before being marketed are tested by the manufacturer

Capacity of car deodorizers

When choosing a car deodorizer should also refer to the machine capacity. Machine capacity determines the machine’s ability to work. With machines designed with sufficient capacity, the cleaning efficiency is guaranteed. The ability to produce and diffuse cleaning and deodorizing substances around is a decisive factor in the quality of the machine. If the cleaning agents are released little and slowly will not guarantee the cleaning effect. Conversely, if the cleaner is over-produced, leading to excess, it could adversely affect the user. For car deodorizers with too much engine power, while the car compartment is modest in size, it is not necessary because it will consume electricity.

For example, a deodorant for a 16-seater vehicle will have a much higher capacity than a deodorizer used in a car with less than 7 seats. Accordingly, the majority of the design capacity of deodorizers for cars from 4 seats to 7 seats is about 1-3 W.

Noise of deodorant equipment

No one likes to hear the roar of deodorant when driving. Maybe if you only hear this noise for a short time, it will not make you at all, but when driving for a long time, everything will be different. Therefore, users should pay attention to the noise level of the device. Choose deodorizing machines with low noise, to avoid you eliminate odor pollution but fall into noise pollution. For example, the deodorizing device of Nanum deodorizer has a noise level of 23-33 dB, does not cause discomfort to users.

Should choose the deodorizer with less noise

If the manufacturer does not specify the noise parameters on the device, when going to the store to buy equipment, ask the seller to test the device in a quiet environment or preferably in your own car. This way you can assess whether the noise when the deodorant is working makes you and others in the car uncomfortable.

Weight and dimensions of the device

The deodorizer is too bulky and heavy weight seems to be not suitable for a small car. Of course, manufacturers are always trying to create the best designs for users. However, you should still refer to these parameters to make sure that the size of the device does not take up too much space and is difficult to arrange on the vehicle.

Priority is given to a deodorizer with a compact design

Duration and warranty conditions of equipment

Many people rely too much on the brand of the product but pay little attention to the warranty period and conditions of equipment. For electronic devices, problems often occur. Therefore, you should consider whether the warranty conditions of these products are good or not. Thời gian bảo hành cũng là một yếu tố quan trọng, giúp khẳng định chất lượng sản phẩm. Theo các chuyên gia, nên chọn những sản phẩm có thời gian bảo hành dài, điều này là sự gián tiếp khẳng định của nhà sản xuất về mức độ ổn định của thiết bị. Thời gian bảo hành nên có của các thiết bị này từ 3 – 12 tháng.

Mỗi loại máy đều có những ưu nhược điểm riêng. Tuy nhiên, nếu so sánh với nhau, có thể thấy máy khuếch tán tinh dầu khử mùi có nhiều lợi thế hơn, sử dụng an toàn và tốt cho sức khoẻ hơn.

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