The most dangerous places on Earth, there are places that can cost you your life if you spend only a minute outside
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The most dangerous places on Earth, there are places that can cost you your life if you spend only a minute outside

There are so many weird and terrifying places on Earth that we only know the name and look at the pictures, there are very few people have the opportunity to set foot to explore. Because if you come here, people will face 400,000 different species of venomous snakes or extreme heat conditions that can lose their life if only outdoors 1 minute …

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1. A village can kill people in just a minute

Oymyakon, a village located in the Northeast of Russia is the coldest land on Earth to be inhabited. Located at an altitude of 750m above sea level, the temperature here reached a record -71.2 degrees Celsius in 1924, and in the winter the average temperature is about -40 to -50 degrees Celsius.

Ice and snow covered Oymyakon village
Ice and snow covered Oymyakon village. (Photo: Amos Chapple.)

All technological equipment and transportation can not work here due to the cold temperatures and snow all year round.

If outside without adequate warmth, people can die from heat shock and freeze their entire body in just a minute!

Everything can freeze in Oymyakon
At Oymyakon, everything can freeze.

Despite the extreme temperatures, there are still about 500 people living in Oymyakon village. Because the camera and the movie were both broken right away, there were very few photos of this village before.

In winter, the only way to get to this village is by plane or train.

2. The mystical land of Tibet

Motuo is a district in the East of Tibet. This place is known as the “paradise of the world” with the beautiful landscapes ranked among the top in the world.

Motuo "elusive future" hidden in the clouds of the mysterious Tibetan mountains
Motuo “elusive future” hidden in the clouds of the mysterious Tibetan mountains.

But the place “holding the first scene” does not have any roads. To reach Motuo, the only way is to climb the slippery, steep, rugged mountain road and then cross the 300m-long rope bridge over the abyss.

3. The largest Cincinnati subway station abandoned in the United States

Cincinnati is located under the busy streets of Central Parkway built between 1920 and 1925 with a length of about 11km. But due to inflation, escalating construction costs, this work was unfinished and abandoned after many years.

The corridor shows gloom, coldnessThe corridor showed gloom and coldness.

But what makes no one dare to dive into this abandoned underground train station is because so many construction workers had to die in the process of constructing this project.

4. The Karakoram Highway, the highest “road to death” in the world

Karakoram is located at an altitude of 4,600m above sea level, this is the highest international paved route in the world.

Karakoram Expressway is 1,290km long, connecting two areas of Pakistan and China. This transport project was built along the majestic Karakoram mountain range, extremely dangerous and easily affected by flash floods.

The Karakoram Highway, the highest

It takes about 20 years to complete this highway. About 810 Pakistani workers and 200 Chinese workers were killed during the construction, mainly due to landslides and falling into a deep abyss.

In the winter and the flood season every year, due to landslides and landslides, Karakoram expressway is completely banned.

5. The island has more than 400,000 different species of venomous snakes

The Brazilian island of Ilha da Queimada Grande (or Snakes Island) in the southern Atlantic Ocean is also known as Snake Island because it is home to more than 400,000 different species of poisonous snakes.

The herd of snakes is crowded in Snake Island
The herd of snakes is crowded in Snake Island.

The island is famous for being the only inhabited place of the Yellow-headed Green Snake (Bothrops insularis), one of the most poisonous snake species in the world. They are considered the “king” of the snake island, with a square meter of up to 1-5 yellow-headed tigers.

The venom of yellow headed tigers contains toxin Hemotoxin, which corrodes meat and tissue. This venom not only kills the victim quickly but also has the ability to destroy and melt the body of prey to help the golden-headed cobra easily enjoy the meal.

Yellow-headed cobra
Yellow-headed Cobra – King of the Snake Island.

The isolation and poisonous snakes can attack people regardless of the day and night, making no one daring to visit this island except the scientists and the watchman of the lighthouse.

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