The most advanced and fully equipped Mac Pro version will cost more than VND1.1 billion - Photo 1.

The most advanced and fully equipped Mac Pro version will cost up to more than VND 1.1 billion

Apple launched the new Mac Pro in the event last night with impressive hardware power, but the price is not cheap when starting from $ 6,000. But Apple did not say the price of the most advanced Mac Pro version, so The Verge had to find the answer.

With what we know, the most advanced Mac Pro will be equipped with 28-core Intel Xeon W chip, 1.5TB RAM (even more than my hard drive capacity), 4TB SSD drive and four AMD's Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU (though still not available).

Add to that the new Pro Display XDR screen that Apple released last night for $ 5,000 and the Pro Stand stand for $ 1,000. To summarize the above components based on the current market price, a fully configurable and fully configurable Mac Pro combo can cost you up to $ 50,000 (about 1.1 billion VND).

An incredible price for a personal computer. Let's analyze the price of each component to see that price is not exaggerated, even Apple often sells for more than the market price.

A Mac Pro: $ 6,000

We will have to start with a standard Mac Pro, priced at US $ 6,000. We will have case, motherboard, power supply, cooling system, chassis. The Mac Pro will also have processors, RAM and GPUs but will have to replace them.

12 DDR4 128GB RAM: $ 17,867

The most easily purchased component of this Mac Pro is RAM, Apple supports 12 DIMM DDR4 ECC slots for users to upgrade. So in order to reach a maximum of 1.5TB of RAM, we will need 12 128GB RAM. At about US $ 1,388 each, we will have to spend about US $ 17,867 on buying RAM.

2 SSDs with capacity of 2TB: 2,400 USD

Apple charges $ 2,400 to upgrade the iMac Pro to 4TB storage, so the same fee may apply to Mac Pro. It is currently unknown whether users can upgrade the storage capacity themselves, as it relates to the encryption of Apple's T2 chip.

Intel Xeon processor W 28 core 2.5Ghz: about 7,453 USD

Apple has yet to say which Intel Xeon processor will be used on its Mac Pro, revealing that the processors will have between 8 and 28 cores. Based on Intel's current list of processors, the most suitable option for the highest-end Mac Pro version is the Intel Xeon W-3275M, with a suggested price of $ 7,453.

2 AMD Radeon Pro VEGA II graphics cards: Unknown price, but assume about $ 12,000

AMD has announced the Radeon Pro Vega II GPU graphics chip along with the new Mac Pro, so we still don't know its official selling price. Apple supports up to 4 GPUs in the new Mac Pro, synonymous with two Radeon Pro VEGA II, each with 2 GPUs, linked with Infinity Fabric Link.

The most advanced and fully equipped Mac Pro version will cost more than VND1.1 billion - Photo 2.

Suppose AMD will set the price of Vega II to Nvidia's professional Quadro RTX line, such as the new Quadro RTX 6000, which sells for $ 6,300. Then the AMD Radeon Pro VEGA II graphics cards used for Mac Pro will probably cost about $ 12,000.

Pro Display XDR display and Pro Stand stand: USD 6,000

Of course you can use a cheaper screen, but Apple's Pro Display XDR is specifically designed to connect to the new Mac Pro. So you'll want a screen, sold separately from the Pro Stand stand, and a total of $ 6,000.

Reference: theverge

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