The Mortal Kombat movie has a bloody and impressive first trailer

So there, we have just had a hell of a peach in the middle of a pear and it’s not salads! Scheduled for today, Warner has released the first trailer for the Mortal Kombat reboot movie and what was our joy at discovering it, because it had been a long time since we had seen a film adaptation so respectful of its basic material and its audience!

This trailer introduces us to the world of the film, presenting us the characters and the issues. As already revealed, the synopsis will revolve around a character unheard of in the video game saga, a man named Cole Turner, who since his birth has had a strange mark on the body with the effigy, but he does not know it, du Mortal Kombat. As a result, he is one of the fighters destined to fight against the Underworld to save the Earth Kingdom.

Nothing really crazy in this scenario, but we don’t ask for more. What we want is fighting, blood and crazy powers and that’s precisely what this trailer offers us, with the added bonus of a side story Sub-Zero vs Scorpion which to the air faithful to the one we know and which seems to have an important place in the story.

Special effects, the look of the characters, through the casting and the production intentions, no watering down here, we are in Mortal Kombat, we were speechless for a few minutes as everything seems to be worked and thought out with care. The fights look dynamic and beautifully choreographed, the characters use their powers and even do some Family Fatalities.

If you want to know more about the film, we wrote a little rundown on the synopsis, the cast and the director’s intentions. Simon McQuoid which therefore kept its promise and delivers here a film without concession and as bloody as the games, exceeding even our wildest hopes. Follow the link just below to find out all about it.

Finally, the film Mortal Kombat is still scheduled to be released in theaters on April 16, as well as on HBO Max in the United States and we hope that we French can also enjoy it on the big screen as it looks so grandiose.. While waiting to learn more on this precise point, we let you admire the trailer of the film in its original and French versions.


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