The moment when the

The moment when the “head of state” lost Putin during a photo shoot

Heads of state, leaders and senior officials from many countries and organizations including Russia, the United States, Turkey, Egypt and the African Union met in Berlin on January 19 to find a solution for conflict in Libya.

The one-day conference in Berlin clarified in detail the participants’ commitment to a ceasefire between the parties in conflict. Media coverage of the incident, meanwhile, was taking notice at a moment during the group photo session, where the attendees were confused by the inability to find Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The video, posted by a Russian journalist on social media, showed leaders lined up to take an official photo of the event. At that time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suddenly realized they were still lacking the President of Russia.

The video immediately went viral on Russian social network named “Where is Putin?” In Russian. The short clip shows senior executives looking confused, looking sideways to find Putin because the photo could not have been taken without the Russian president. However, after a bit of confusion, the head of the Kremlin stepped outside from the photoshoot area with his peers.

Finally the picture was taken completely



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