The modified parts launched by the Thai brand are very popular!

Now the motorcycle modified flat brand parts from Thailand are very popular! Not only HONDA, but also Japanese brands such as YAMAHA, SUZUKI and KAWASAKI, all sell their products in Thailand. Thai families also have the highest proportion of motorcycles in the world, and the natural modification culture becomes more popular!

Among them, HONDA’s local market share in Thailand is more than 70%. Therefore, many modification brands have launched various modification parts for HONDA cars. This time, let the editorial department show you those that are worthy of attention and Buy the Thai modified brand now!


H2C is an acronym for “Honda 2wheel Customized”. It is a sub-brand of AP Honda. It aims to develop small-displacement vehicles produced in Thailand, reflecting HONDA’s unique “modified motorcycles”. Car models”.

H2C develops a wide range of parts, ranging from precision engine parts to exterior parts, bumpers, travel goods, etc. For those cars, they come from Thailand (such as REBEL, C125, CT125, MONKEY, GROM, CRF250L/M/RALLY), etc. For the Cavaliers, H2C is a modification brand that must be known and must be paid attention to!

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How should this brand be pronounced… There should be many people who will have this question (laughs). It doesn’t matter how you read it, as long as you know that this brand is specially designed for C125, MONKEY 125 and other car models to launch modified parts. Combining retro and modern manufacturing techniques, it can leave a deep impression.

U DOM KARNCHANG, with the most modern high-tech equipment and the most innovative design, has made its brand reputation soar in Thailand through online sales in recent years. The enthusiasm of the highly skilled team has increased sales performance every year and the return rate of consumers. It has improved a lot and has gradually become a sub-brand of 4 MINI BIKE.

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A brand that concentrates on the development and production of anti-collision bumpers for adventure cars. Its products all use one-inch (25.4mm) pipes to make bumpers, which have excellent protection effects. Recently, they have launched a number of CT125 Hunter Cubs. Dedicated parts, so the attention level has risen sharply!

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The founders of TYGA PERFORMANCE are Mr. Paul Pearmain and Mr. Matt Patterson from the United Kingdom. After years of business growth, TYGA PERFORMANCE has become a well-known modification brand. It is not only known to riders of NSR250R, RVF400 and VFR400, but also for popular cars in recent years. GROM, Z125, YZF-R3 and other models have launched various modified parts.

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SRC mainly introduces protection kits that use laser cutting. Depending on the location and conditions of use, SRC will be made of aluminum alloy, steel or stainless steel, but most of them use matt black powder paint to optimize the texture; if you use a lot of it on the body SRC protection kit, then your car will be fearless in the adventure!

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BIKERS produces exquisite products through high-precision CNC machining and cutting. They have a large number of aluminum alloy products such as clutch/brake rods and body sliders. Because of their exquisite cut texture and optional anode treatment in a variety of colors, they can make The rider embellished his own gorgeous car.

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Is the quality of Thai brand products good?

When I came to Central and South Asia parts in the near future, people’s first impression should be low-priced but low-quality aluminum alloy parts. However, in recent years, both the quality of raw materials and the production process have made significant progress and improvement.

Of course, because there are quite a few brands on the market, there are also brands that focus on low prices, but the brands introduced this time are all tested by the market, and their quality is comparable to Japanese brands and equally popular. ! If you are the owner of a Thai-made car, you may wish to buy the modified parts of the above-mentioned brands, which may make you a little better.

Products introduced this time

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H2C: Headlamp on the shelf

H2C: body center shelf

U DOM KARNCHANG: body center shelf

U DOM KARNCHANG: headlight protection net

MOTOSKILL: Body center shelf

MOTOSKILL: Body bumper

TYGA PERFORMANCE: Increase cylinder kit

TYGA PERFORMANCE: Full exhaust pipe

SRC: Rear rack kit

SRC: Headlight Protection Net

BIKERS: Separate handle

BIKERS: Pedal back shift kit

Source “Webike magazine”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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