the mod that replaces a prostitute with Keanu Reeves has been removed by CD Projekt RED

A few weeks after Cyberpunk 2077’s release, CD Projekt RED deployed the official modding tools. It was therefore to be expected that someone would create a mod to replace a prostitute with Keanu Reeves and thus spend the night with him.

Players of Cyberpunk 2077 which has sold over 13 million copies have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of mods to personalize their gaming experience and create wacky situations. CD Projekt RED has deployed official modding tools yesterday, Wednesday January 27. So there aren’t many mods available yet, but most of them serve to enhance experience and immersion. For example, there are already mods that allow you to change the appearance of V during the game or which aim to Improve driving with cars and motorcycles.

The appearance of a prostitute replaced by that of the character of Keanu Reeves
The appearance of a prostitute replaced by that of the character of Keanu Reeves – Credit: DPJ / YouTube

In addition to these useful changes, it was also to be expected the arrival of sex themed mods. A player by the name of Catmino has therefore created a mod that replaces the appearance of a prostitute, also called Joytoy in the game, with that of Johnny Silverhand, the character played by Keanu Reeves thanks to motion capture.

The mod to spend the night with Keanu Reeves banned in less than 24 hours

Of course, CD Projekt RED did not approve of this mod that allows you to spend the night with Keanu Reeves at all. Less than 24 hours after going online, the mod has been removed by the studio. Our colleagues from PC Gamer therefore contacted CD Projekt RED for more information.

The studio explained that: “ our most important rule about user-generated content, especially game mods, is that it cannot harm others. In the case of model swaps, especially those that involve explicit situations, it can be seen as seeking harm from the people who have lent us their looks for the purpose of creating characters in Cyberpunk 2077. ».

Indeed, Keanu Reeves probably doesn’t appreciate his character being staged in such an explicit way. As you can see in the video shared by the youtubeur “ DPJ », The modder did not change the voice of the prostitute. Johny Silverhand speaks well like Joytoy, which makes the situation more embarrassing than anything else. The most suggestive moments have been replaced by a black frame in the video. Anyway, Keanu Reeves character stays dressed throughout the scene.

Modders are free to use fictional characters, but actors are not.

CD Projekt RED which recently denied removing any of the in-game content also added to PC Gamer what : ” for the characters we invented for the game, we allow you to modify the game at will and have fun. Regarding the models of real people that we have asked to participate in the game, we ask that you please refrain from using them in any situation that could be deemed offensive if you have not had their explicit permission. ».

Finally, patch 1.1 aimed at correcting many bugs has been deployed on PC, consoles and Stadia January 22. We will have to wait for the arrival of the second patch before the release of the first DLC. We do not yet have more details on this extension.

Source : The Verge

Auriane Polge

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