The MMA Professional Fighters League continues with top-notch fights

The MMA Professional Fighters League continues with top-notch fights

The second round of the MMA Professional Fighters League group stage will promise to bring Vietnamese martial arts fans interesting surprises from dramatic matchups. Who will be the next and contribute to conquering the huge 6 million USD prize money?

In 2020, because of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, MMA PFL 2020 was not able to take place. This year, the tournament has returned to attract the attention of public opinion and spectators around the world. The boxers will have to do their best for the journey to conquer the final prize.

The competition format consists of 3 rounds: qualifying, play-off and final round to find the champion for each weight class and a total of 6 weight classes are competed. The total prize pool of MMA PFL 2021 is up to 6 million USD. The journey to the championship prize of the boxers competing on June 11 is still long. Just a small mistake can make them stop at this harsh tournament.

MMA Professional Fighters League 2021 is full of suspense and excitement

The dramatic return of Anthony Pettis and Natan Schulte in the group stage on June 11

In the upcoming competition day, the television audience will enjoy the competition of two pairs of light boxers. It was Schulte with Odintsov and the pair of Pettis with Martinez.

The fiery encounter between Schulte and Odintsov promises many surprises

Schulte made many opponents fear when he won 13 victories in the MMA arena, including 2 times the MMA lightweight champion. He is famous for his extreme squeezes, knocking out opponents right on the floor. In personal history, Odintsov has won in 18 matches. Many experts have said that the competition of two boxers with eight pounds and half pounds. Therefore, both must consider and use the most intelligent and flexible tactics to defeat their opponents.

What tactics will Odintsov use to defeat Schulte?

The dramatic confrontation between Anthony Pettis and Martinez brought many surprises

Anthony Pettis is an indispensable name in the 2021 MMA PFL season. Pettis is best remembered by the audience with “Showtime skill”. These are fast and powerful moves and make viewers extremely excited that fans always want to see with their own eyes. He has a very respectable record when he has 34 times in the ring in professional MMA matches. In which, he had in hand 24 victories and 10 defeats in the regret of the audience. Pettis is one of the main factors that bring a lot of drama and attraction to the MMA PFL 2021 season. Looking at the remarkable achievements that the former King Pettis has achieved, it will certainly be a lot of pressure. heavy on the shoulders of boxer Martinez.

Anthony Pettis is a cult boxer that makes any opponent fear

The opening group stage took place attractively, making martial arts enthusiasts extremely excited

Before that, audiences around the world watched a fierce opening match between Anthony Pettis and Clay Collard. Both boxers had a tense match with uncompromising tit-for-tat displays.

Clay Collard is a boxer and MMA fighter, also known as “The 0 Snatcher” with fierce blows that knock down strong opponents. He used many dramatic moves in the clash with former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. This year’s PFL season is a peak year in Clay Collard’s playing career. Through rigorous training, Clay Collard launched dangerous blows to win against former lightweight king Anthony Pettis.

Victory smiled for Clay Collard in the opening match of MMA Professional Fighter League 2021

The next match was an uncompromising confrontation between Natan Schulte and Marcin Held. Marcin Held makes Natan Schulte wary with his “foot-locking expert” technique. After the match, Marcin Held convincingly defeated champion Natan Schulte.

The next group stages of the Professional Fighters League 2021 will be held on June 11, June 18, and June 26. The 3rd day of competition will return from 05h00 on 11/6, live on FPT Television.

Matches at PFL MMA are broadcast in 160 different countries around the world. In Vietnam, FPT Television is the exclusive unit that transmits the sharpest and most realistic images of the tournament to the entire audience. Fans of this fighting sport can watch the entire tournament on the Live section and Foxy application of FPT Television. The latest information about the tournament is updated at FPT Television Facebook, Website



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