The miracle of rotating the computer screen on the iPhone made people broken
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The miracle of rotating the computer screen on iPhone made people broken

( Few iPhone users are surprised to discover something interesting in a computer tool with landscape mode.

Calculator is a simple but very useful tool on iPhone. However, when using this feature, most users only use simple addition and division operations without knowing that we can completely do more when panning the screen.

Tricks not everyone knows

When users put the iPhone in the screen rotation mode and turn on the computer tool, this feature is turned into a real product with all the features from calculation, from sine cosine to power, log, square root of all kinds .. are not missing any. Even over the past 10 iPhone generations, only now have people known this miracle.

iPhone, iPhone tips
iPhone, iPhone tips

As soon as this small but little-known tip was shared on social networks, it has attracted the attention from netizens. Most of these people expressed interest because perhaps until now many people know the existence of a "class" computer hidden in the iPhone. Many people have tested this operation immediately and did not work with everyone.

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