People are running in the arena, so there are people who have not been reported and billed! This sentence is the immediate pain of many drivers. However, the Ministry of Transportation intends to reduce the authority of informants. In the future, it is possible that only people with serious violations can report. This is a fierce attack on both sides.

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: The Ministry of Transportation intends to restrict the authority to report the devil, support? Against?
Written by: Chen Weizhi Max

The intention to amend the relevant regulations is because some people participate in the platform proposal on the public policy network and believe that the current road safety traffic penalty regulations listed in Article 7 should be abolished, and the public can clarify the facts of violations or submit evidence of violations to report.

As the number of seconders reached the standard, the Executive Yuan recruited sponsors, the Ministry of Transportation, and the Police Department to review the current system in accordance with regulations. After listening to relevant opinions, the Ministry of Transportation believes that the current public reporting is indeed too excessive, but it is not appropriate to completely abolish public reporting, so it intends to proceed in the direction of opening public reporting for major intrusive violations.

According to the Ministry of Communications, since the current time limit for reporting is three months, many informants often accumulate a certain amount of performance and report once. All reported cases have to be verified by the police again, which has caused a burden on the police force. Moreover, it is already three months after the accused received the fine, which has increased many administrative disputes.

The Police Department also counted that the total number of violations by the public in 108 was 3.91 million. By the end of November 109, the number of reports has reached 5.469,606, an amazing growth. However, after verification, the number of unreported cases was 1.317,695, accounting for 24% of the total. Effective cases accounted for about 75% and invalid cases accounted for 24%. The burden of the police force and the wasteful social cost is 2. Into 5.

In addition, data shows that the number of people who reported the most was 15,781, followed by 14,930 and 12,298. In further analysis of violations, illegal parking accounted for 51.1% of the reported cases, followed by unused turn signals and running red lights.

The police believe that most of these violations are static violations and have relatively little impact on road safety. At the same time, the whistleblower often only shoots from angles that are beneficial to them, and sometimes causes subsequent derivative events such as appeals. The police gave examples. In the past, there were cases where a rain rider parked his car on the side of the road wearing a raincoat and was reported, and there were also cases where a traffic jam was reported for parking on a highway. All these invisibly increased the burden of police duties.

At the same time, some people believe that all police law enforcement bills are required to wear uniforms or show documents. If the people can also exercise police power when they report, Taiwan may have doubts about becoming a secret police state. However, some people believe that violations should not be classified as serious. For example, traffic accidents caused by parking on the roadside or parking side by side are equally serious. They oppose the police classifying static violations or minor violations.

In the end, the Ministry of Transportation stated that the relevant opinions will be taken into consideration, so it will not open 16 categories of violations to the public for reporting as reported. There is still room for discussion on types or openness. Nothing has been finalized. Finally, the Ministry of Transportation emphasized that there is no bonus for the informants of traffic violations, so please don’t make mistakes.