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The method of quick verification of cosmetic origin


With the advancement of technology and the popularity of smartphones, consumers can now easily access the place of production and the evaluation of the cosmetic products on the market.

The potential danger in fake cosmetics, of unknown origin

Skin care and beauty are increasingly becoming indispensable needs for women of all ages. Many people are willing to spend high costs, find and buy products from famous brands, even high school students showing off their brand-name lipstick on social networks is no longer a surprise.

A “massive” cosmetic collection.

However, besides the rapid development of the beauty industry, there are also countless counterfeit and fake goods. Not only are they inferior to the real ones, these cosmetics can also contain harmful toxins such as lead, aluminum, chromium, … In mild cases, they can cause skin aging, causing allergies. , infection. In the worse case, these toxins are potentially at risk of causing disorders, even cancer.

Popular brands often have many knockoffs.


The more worrying thing is that these counterfeit products have very similar models. This makes buyers wonder how to buy genuine, good quality products. On the other hand, cosmetics manufacturing enterprises also have a headache, because counterfeit and counterfeit products have a great impact on sales each year.

Cosmetic origin verification solutions

The good news is that consumers can rest assured shopping thanks to a completely free smartphone app called iCheck. Thanks to the barcode scanner, QR code on the product, iCheck will show the place of manufacture, original price and feedback on that item. ICheck’s identification information comes from Vietnam Code Management Organization, so the information is highly accurate and updated regularly.

The barcode is printed on the product cover.

For cosmetic businesses, iCheck also provides a dedicated anti-counterfeiting stamp EVS – QR Code. When used, each product will have a unique EVS – QR Code stamp, making counterfeiting almost impossible. Customers who buy only need to use the iCheck app to scan the EVS – QR Code stamp to know whether this product is genuine or not.

Stamps EVS – QR Code specializing in anti-counterfeiting issued by iCheck.

How to use iCheck?

iCheck Scanner currently has two full versions for iOS and android. When shopping, consumers only need to turn on the iCheck app on their phone, put the scanner in front of the barcode, QR code on the product packaging, to quickly get information on the screen.

Use iCheck to scan barcodes.


Not only providing the application completely free of charge, iCheck also owns the e-commerce platform iCheckShop, where visitors can comfortably shop for 100% genuine items.

Currently, not only cosmetics but also countless other items are counterfeited, often counterfeited such as electronics, food, … For consumers to buy peace of mind, but businesses are not afraid of counterfeit goods. iCheck application will be an effective tool for both producers and consumers.

* Source: iCheck



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