The medical examination market has surged by 20%, and "Shichengyi Health" uses an "integrated system" to realize the digital construction of the whole scene of the hospital

The medical examination market has surged by 20%, and “Shichengyi Health” uses an “integrated system” to realize the digital construction of the whole scene of the hospital

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Physical examination and disease prevention are becoming people’s health concerns. In recent years, the growth rate of the medical examination market has been close to 20%, the highest growth rate among all departments. The demand for medical examinations suppressed during the epidemic was released after the second half of last year, which directly caused the public health management center to be full. In particular, people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes who need to go to the hospital for regular check-ups and prescriptions have become high-risk groups of new coronavirus infections. At the same time, people with severe illnesses are unable to see a doctor as usual during the epidemic, which strongly increases people’s needs for physical examination and prevention of basic diseases. .

Business model innovation: “system + technology + operation”

36 Krypton’s recently contacted health check integrated platform“Positive into a healthy”, It is the star company in the physical examination track, Adopting the innovative model of “system + technology + operation”, has 5 years of development experience in the medical examination industry. The company has received a Pre-A round of financing for professional investment capital investment.

Through the Sto(H+D)toC model, based on the company’s underlying professional knowledge base and health big data engine technology, Shichengyi Health mainly relies on Hongkang’s integrated smart health examination system, a health and wisdom specific disease solution platform and a health three Early collaborative screening management systems and other systems provide the health management center with intelligent information management before, during, and after the check, helping the hospital health management center to achieve full-scene digital construction, and helping public hospitals and doctors to increase efficiency.

In recent years, Shichengyi Health is establishing a public hospital physical examination network with urban centers as the unit. Its core business includes early screening of special diseases, famous doctors’ studios, post-examination intervention and special disease prevention, etc.

The picture comes from Shichengyi Health

Shichengyi Health’s product technical team mainly comes from Alibaba, WeDoctor, Health Road, etc. As a technology company, Shichengyi Health Hangzhou headquarters accounted for more than half of the technicians.

From an industry perspective, sales-type physical examination software companies generally do not involve operations, and have a single sales form, such as a single pre-test, in-test, post-test, or intelligent guidance system.Shichengyi Health uses an integrated system to open up the data and business paths of all links in the health management center, and based on the system, conducts online + offline operations.

Shichengyi Health stated that the reason for operating the health management center is to optimize the health management center from multiple perspectives, including: economic benefits, operating efficiency, customer satisfaction, depth of health services, and hospital brand influence.

Monetization model innovation: using information technology to explore and implement multi-scenario medical monetization models

Shichengyi Health is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, marketing, service, and operation. Its business model focuses on enhancing the operational capabilities of public three-dimensional inspection agencies through agency operations.Approximately 70% of the company’s income is to become a partner of the public three-dimensional inspection agency, and to jointly generate income after improving its efficiency.

At the same time, Shichengyi Health also explored a new monetization model.

In 2020, Shichengyi Health will be based on three intelligent systems, relying on the service resources of 1,500+ hospitals and 200,000+ doctors across the country, to customize a health protection platform for insurance companies.Shichengyi’s health protection platform has formed a service chain and data chain for insurance, physical examination, health management, medical services, consumer services, and merchandise sales. It has established a foundation for optimizing insurance products, insurance business, insurance lockers, and reducing insurance risk rates.

In terms of business scale, as of now, Shichengyi Health has covered 60 cities across the country, cooperated with 1,500+ public hospital health management centers, and served 3 million+ users;It is expected to cover 200 cities within 5 years, cooperate with 4300+ public hospital health management centers, serve 30 million+ users, land 50 insurance platforms, and reach 5 million insurance users.

Business logic: aiming at the 100 billion market, providing timely, professional and comprehensive post-inspection services

In the past two years, policies related to health management have appeared frequently. In 2021, the state will once again emphasize the coordination of medical and prevention, and prevention as the first priority. It is necessary to integrate the life-cycle health management concept of the people throughout the entire process of urban planning, construction, and management. China’s medical paradigm needs to change from the concept of “emphasis on treatment” to “emphasis on prevention”, and it is entering thousands of households along with economic and social development.

As early as 2019, Shichengyi Health has entered the health management after the inspection,The view of Liu Hua, founder of Shichengyi Health, is that the future of the health industry should be in a state of mutual support and interconnection between health checkups, health management, health promotion, and commercial insurance.

The business ideas presented by Shichengyi Health in the post-inspection service are mainly reflected in the following points:

First, in time:Through a large number of customer surveys, Shichengyi Health found that the longer the customer leaves the physical examination scene, the lower the possibility of using the post-examination service. For example: once some severely positive indicators are found, the physical examination customer should receive prompt feedback within the shortest time. .

Second, professional, comprehensive, and temperature-controlled post-inspection health services:The moment the client receives the medical report after the medical examination is the time when the anxiety peak is the highest, and it is also the time when the solution is most needed.

With the help of Hongkang’s smart health management system, Shichengyi Health provides timely, professional, comprehensive, and temperature-sensitive health management services for every customer. Only by providing verifiable, full-cycle, and comprehensive post-inspection health management services To win the trust and use of more consumers.

Third, let more doctors become clients’ private health management physicians:After the examination, it is the best traffic entrance for the private domain traffic of the doctor. The Hongkang Smart Health Examination System can conduct in-depth analysis of the client’s physical examination report and health risk assessment report, and provide doctors with interventions based on intelligent and professional positive indicators. Services such as management programs and health science popularization are provided to consumers.

Shichengyi Health has reached a post-inspection system cooperation relationship with health management centers of many public hospitals across the country. “The post-inspection business will not lack customer sources in the short term. Hospital stock customers are a huge market. As a technology company, the key is to provide good services, good systems, good tools, and good solutions for the health management center to help the health management center increase users. Stickiness.” said Liu Hua, founder of Shichengyi Health.

According to Shichengyi Health’s industry observations, post-inspection health management is likely to enter the hospital charge list in the next two years, and it will become a common phenomenon. At the same time, Shichengyi Health is also actively applying for Internet hospital qualifications to prepare for providing health consultation and other services later.

Looking at the physical examination information track as a whole, there are also business crossovers with Shichengyi Health: the physical examination platform, the medical integrated platform and the vertical physical examination appointment platform. Among them, Internet e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba Health and JD Health, as well as vertical physical examination appointment platforms such as and Zhongkang Physical Examination Network, mainly focus on pre-examination diversion; online health consultation platforms such as WeDoctor, and pre-examination diversion and post-examination The medical consulting business has overlaps.Shichengyi Health mainly relies on Hongkang’s integrated smart health check system to jointly operate before the check, improve the efficiency during the check, and increase the income after the check to help the hospital increase business stickiness and form differentiated competition.


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