Billionaire Bloomberg in a conference in the state of Idaho, USA on 12/7. Photo: Reuters.

The media billionaire is about to race into the White House

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to run for president because he does not believe other Democratic candidates can beat Trump.

Michael Bloomberg, 77, a media billionaire and former mayor of New York City, is preparing the procedure to join the US presidential race next year, as a Democratic candidate. .

Bloomberg is expected to apply this week to attend the primary election in Alabama, a source close to the source said.

Billionaire Bloomberg in a conference in the state of Idaho, USA on 12/7. Image: Reuters.

Howard Wolfson, a close adviser to Bloomberg, said the billionaire considered President Donald Trump to be "an unprecedented threat to the United States".

"We need to make sure that Trump will be defeated, but Mike is concerned that current Democratic candidates will not be able to do that," Wolfson told the New York Times correspondent on November 7.

However, Bloomberg has not yet made an official decision about running for president in 2020, Wolfson added.

If Bloomberg actually participated in next year's US presidential election, this would be a surprise to many people, because in March he had announced not to run.

US public opinion said that the Bloomberg race to the White House may cause President Trump a headache, because in addition to being a billionaire, Bloomberg is also a famous politician when he was mayor of New York. America's largest, from 2002-2013.

If you decide to run the race, Bloomberg, which is ranked by Forbes magazine as the 8th richest person in the US with an estimated fortune of US $ 53.4 billion, can easily raise a large fund for its election campaign. and quickly defeated other Democrats to face Trump in next year's election.

Thanh Tam (Follow Reuters, NY Times)

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