The media acknowledged Hydroxychloroquine, the doctor asked Mr. Biden to apologize

The media acknowledged Hydroxychloroquine, the doctor asked Mr. Biden to apologize

Recently, mainstream media acknowledged the therapeutic effect of Hydroxychloroquine for Wuhan pneumonia (Chinese pneumonia, COVID-19), American female doctor Stella Immanuel tweeted: “Joe Biden once said I was crazy, I ask each of you to apologize to me.”

On 7/7, White House Advisor Peter Navarro said, India said that using HCQ is effective in preventing Wuhan pneumonia virus. Photos of HCQ drugs. (Photo: Shutterstock)

After the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic devastated America, doctors in many parts of the United States during the clinical treatment of patients discovered that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was very effective in treating Wuhan pneumonia. HCQ, which is an inexpensive drug used to treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, has almost no side effects after use. With the recommendation of the doctor, the current President of the United States then Mr. Donal Trump also personally used this drug, and recommended for the American people.

However, all the doctors who recommended the use of this drug were prevented and attacked by the mainstream media and the corporate world. Even President Trump was criticized and ridiculed by Mr. Biden. The social network Facebook deleted all posts recommending the use of this drug, and all the comments of doctors in places related to HCQ were suppressed for a long time up to several months.

Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, also posted an article on the internet about how after giving a patient HCQ, he was threatened by his supervisor to demand his job. . She said the hospital’s medical affairs director where she worked wrote down the cause of not prescribing HCQ medicine for Wuhan pneumonia patients: Because the biggest payer (patient) for the hospital, a company insurance on the US West Coast, so it was asked.

After Mr. Biden won the presidency, the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic once again raged in America. According to National File reported on Monday (February 8), major media scene described in the US has finally admitted HCQ is effective in treating the new corona virus. On January 28, Facebook also admitted it was a mistake to delete similar reports.

The American female doctor, the color Stella Immanuel, last year vigorously recommended the use of HCQ, also promptly tweeted: “I ask to apologize, even Mr. Biden said I was crazy, we said HCQ was effective for the treatment of Wuhan pneumonia, the results were mocked. Currently, there are studies that clearly show that HCQ really works, but thousands of thousands of people die, who can they find to claim fairness? ”

In a video posted on Twitter, she said: “I ask to apologize. Ask for an apology from the media, CNN, CNBC, New York Times, and Hollywod, these people have all said I’m crazy. ”

Dr. Stella Immanue says in the video: “When I say HCQ is effective, can’t sit and watch people die from infection, all the videographers make fun of me, they say I’m crazy, they need to apologize to me. There was also the US Drug Administration (FDA), the CDC Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the American Institute of Medical Research (NHI), and my colleagues who called me on the phone to curse me. . They do this because I say HCQ works [điều trị viêm phổi Vũ Hán]. “

Ms. Stella Immanue added: “Even Mr. Biden says I’m crazy, I ask for apologies from everyone [các vị]. ” All of these studies have clearly shown that HCQ is indeed effective in treatment. America has nearly 500,000 people lost their lives, who can be found responsible? Hopefully someone will take these people to court, their crimes are enough to put them in life imprisonment. ”

Stella Immanue said during the epidemic last year she made an appeal on Twitter: “Stop using a biological drug called an experimental vaccine, comprehensively promote HCQ and Ivermectin for prevention and early treatment, then the US can end the epidemic soon.”

Last year, Dr. Stella Immanue and other American doctors held a press conference in Washington, DC They took the name of professional doctors to announce to the media and the public their experiences in the use HCQ in the treatment of Wuhan virus and say “The new corona virus can be treated”. Unfortunately, information presented by professional doctors across the United States was not only suppressed by major left-wing media, but also blocked out entirely by social media.

Stella Immanue said at a press conference last year: “In the past few months, we have received more than 350 patients with new corona virus infection and none of them have died. There were patients with diabetes, hypertension and asthma who were still healthy, and the elderly patients were saved. In our hospital, not a single patient of the patients newly infected with corona virus lost his life. “

She continued: “Not only that, our medical staff, as well as many doctors that I know, are also using HCQ for prevention. HCQ has a preventive effect from very early on. Each day, we treat 10 to 15 patients with corona virus infection. When We treated them, we just wore a mask and didn’t use any other protection, but no one in our hospital got the virus because we used HCQ and it really worked. use. “

Willowcheng Warm, Vision Times

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