The Mayor of North Las Vegas moved from Democrat to Republican

The Mayor of North Las Vegas moved from Democrat to Republican

The mayor of North Las Vegas, Nevada, said he was making a transition from Democrats to Republicans, on the grounds that Democrats have been increasingly left-leaning in recent years.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee (Photo: North Las Vegas City)

On Tuesday (April 6) Mayor John Lee of North Las Vegas City told Fox News: “Surname [Đảng Dân chủ] there has been a recent election to choose the leadership, and four out of five are members of the Socialist Party. It is no longer the party that I grew up with 25 years ago in this environment, nor is it the party I can stand with anymore. ”

This came when he mentioned the incident that occurred last month, when top Democrats in Nevada resigned immediately after supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders ( Vermont) won the election to control most of the board’s board positions. This happened when Judith Whitmer, a member of the Las Vegas group of the Social Democratic Party of America, was elected president of the Democratic Party in the state of Nevada.

Mr. Lee said Democrats have abandoned its traditional working-class background and are now in the service “Socialists” and “Elites”.

Mr. Lee added: “When you are a life-pro-life Democrat, a gun-backed Democrat, and you’re a very conservative person, [thế nhưng] Those things are no longer common in Democrats. And so I waited for quite a long time hoping the Party would change, but that didn’t happen, even worse. So I found a new place where I can be loyal and help. Again, forget the past eight years. The next four years will predict the future. ”

Mr. Lee’s campaign website now also announces the transition of his party.

“Although I was a registered Democrat in paper all my life, I transformed [đảng] in my heart long ago, because there are simply some things that cannot be compromised. That is why I voted for President Trump twice ”, He said, referring to his A + rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which often favors Republican elected officials.

Last year, Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew (state of New Jersey) caught national attention after announcing he would switch from Democrats to Republicans, citing what he described as a census. The Democratic Party’s partisan impeachment in the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump in 2019. Mr. Van Drew was later re-elected in November 2020.

In 2013, Mr. Lee was elected for the first time as mayor of North Las Vegas and re-elected in 2017. His term will end in 2022.

The city of North Las Vegas in Clark County is located in the Las Vegas metropolitan area that currently has more than 200,000 residents.

Gia Huy (According to The Epoch Times)

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