The mango tree is 1m tall for 800 fruits in Japan
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The mango tree is 1m tall for 800 fruits in Japan

The most special mango tree in the world is only 1m high, but has a canopy diameter of up to 10m and beans up to 800 fruits, setting the record for the most fruitless tree in the region and the whole of Japan, surprising many people.

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Mr. Higa next to his special mango tree
Mr. Higa next to his special mango tree.

This mango tree belongs to Mr. Mineo Higa in Nakijin village (Okinawa, Japan). Conventional mango trees only produce about 100 fruits, but last year Higa’s mango trees produced 400 fruits, and this year the number of fruits was twice as many as 800. It has attracted many people to visit.

The most fruitful mango tree in Japan was planted 29 years ago, but only over a meter tall, the foliage spreads wide with a diameter of up to 10m. Mr. Higa was forced to cut off the surrounding trees and make scaffolds, and hang up branches to avoid breaking.

The mangoes have to be hung up on the rope to avoid breaking the branches
To avoid branching, Mr. Higa had to tie the rope to hang the pods.

Mr. Higa said: “We strive to produce healthy, clean fruits by reducing pesticides to achieve agriculture in harmony with the environment. “

Mr. Higa also shared his know-how to grow trees, gathering and releasing insect-eating ticks from the mango tree trunk into the garden. As a result, his mango trees are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

The owner of the garden is also planning to register the Guinness World Record for his mango tree. Chances are, his mango tree will become the wrong mango tree in the world.


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