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The man was deducted from his salary for spending too much time in the toilet

The man was deducted from his salary for spending too much time in the toilet. Photo: Pixabay

According to Oddity Central (UK), disgruntled employee, identified as “Mr. A, ”recently took to Facebook to voice his frustration at being paid a portion of his monthly salary by the company, for spending so much time in the toilet last month.

The man admitted to spending 49.5 hours in the toilet in a month, which equates to about 2 hours in the toilet a day. However, he said before that, his boss did not notify him that he might be deducted for taking too long toilet breaks.

The man shared his story on a Facebook group, asking team members for advice on how to handle the matter. Mr. A explained that last month, he practiced for 22 days for a total of 195 hours with a salary of 160 yuan (VND 565,000) per hour. However, on the day of receiving the salary, he found that his salary was deducted about 4,400 yuan (about 15 million dong). Disagreeing with the salary deduction, the man decides to meet with the human resources department to solve the problem.

Mr.A was told that according to the internal CCTV footage, he spent nearly 50 hours working in the restroom last month. Since company management only allows employees to spend an average of 1 hour in the bathroom per day, he has been deducted 27.5 hours from his salary.

“Okay, I agree I’ve been there for quite a while, but doesn’t that mean my paycheck can be unreasonably deducted?”, The disgruntled man said.

The man said he would file a complaint with Boo Lao. However, his parents objected and told him to accept it and continue his work.

This strange situation has received mixed reactions on social media. Many people agreed with the company’s decision because 50 hours to go to the toilet / month during working hours was too much. Others supported the man and encouraged him to denounce his company to the authorities.

“The company doesn’t have the money to hire you to go to the bathroom. No company hires an employee to sit for 2 hours toilets a day, ”commented one person.

“You work 8 hours a day, 22 days a month, which means you spend 6 days in the toilet, who doesn’t deduct your salary?” Commented one netizen.

“If you are in the toilet for 2 hours a day, I think the place you should go is not the toilet, it is the hospital,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Mr.A has also received encouraging messages from other people: “There are people in our company who work 8 hours a day and use the toilet for 3 hours without being deducted. “.

Toilet time during business hours has become somewhat of a problem in Asia, especially mainland China. Many companies even devise ways to monitor employees’ toileting and discourage them from resting for too long.

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