The man bought the first film mistakenly shot on the Moon for $ 218 about to become rich - Photo 1.

The man 'bought the wrong' the first movies shot on the Moon for $ 218 about to become rich

Children always have to listen to their parents, because these advice will probably be useful in the future. In the case of the following man, this statement is even more true. According to CNN, a former NASA intern Gary Gary paid money to buy a box of the company's old movies at an auction.

Since then, he has sold more than 65 films to various newspapers, but according to his father's advice, he has kept 3 named rolls. "APOLLO 11 EVA | July 20, 1969 Movie 1 [-3]". He decided to take these films to appraisers to see how much they were worth, after NASA contacted him to buy them back for the 40th anniversary of the Lunar expedition. 2009.

Surprisingly, among those films there was the first film on the Moon's surface recorded by astronauts in 1969, which NASA had "sold wrongly" to him for only $ 218! The film will be auctioned at Soetheby to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event (2019), with a starting price of up to $ 700,000.

There have been many 'winning' people when buying high-value historical memorabilia in second-hand stores. A man bought the negatives, and then learned they included photos of famous photographer "Weegee" (Arthur Fellig). Or a new collection of photographs in Germany during the Nazi period was discovered by historians earlier this month.

These stories will surely make many people think again, whether I have ever sold souvenirs worth thousands of dollars for a few cents?

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