The main content of Trump's Republican nomination speech

The main content of Trump’s Republican nomination speech

On the evening of August 27, US President Donald Trump officially received the nomination to represent the Republican Party in the election next November, confronting Joe Biden.

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Here are some notable points from his speech:

“My fellow Americans, tonight, with a heart filled with immense gratitude and optimism, I am proud to accept the nomination for President of the United States,” Trump said from the White House. .

“During the new presidency, we will build up the largest economy in history, quickly return to full employment, rising salaries and record prosperity.”

Mr. Trump started with his economic promise, the aspect of which he got the highest credit. Before the pandemic, the US unemployment rate was 3.5%, the lowest in half a century. However, the growth rate was not as promised by the President during the term. Last year, the economy grew only 2.2%, quite similar to the previous decade. The pace reached his promised 3% in a short 2018, after Trump signed the decree on record tax cuts. But now critics say this tax policy has only short-term stimulus, and its effectiveness is fading due to the global economic slowdown and uncertainty caused by the US-China trade war.

Mr. Trump also “showed off” the majestic and beautiful White House, “which he used to host part of the Republican Conference. However, blurring the lines between the national mandate and the individual election campaign has angered watchdog groups and Democrats. Plans to organize the RNC in Charlotte were canceled because of Covid-19.

The President stressed that the US is facing an invisible enemy, but he pledged “we will produce the vaccine by the end of this year, even sooner.” However, this promise seems a bit early, as no manufacturing company has dared to make this commitment. Vaccine testing takes time, and the longer this time, the more information specialists will have to ensure its large-scale applicability. Recently, Russia has announced that it has the first Covid-19 special vaccine, but is not appreciated by the scientific community due to the lack of extensive clinical trials.

And without long wait, Mr. Trump placed American voters on the balance of choice: “This election will choose whether we save the American dream or allow a socialist agenda to destroy precious destiny. our treasures ”.

“This election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or if we will allow an ethnic movement to completely crush and destroy it. It will not happen”.

The labeling of Democrats and Socialists was repeated for 4 nights at RNC, but not new. For decades, the Democratic Party’s policies to extend state power have been attributed to the “socialist specter”. However, the DC Party and many analysts disagree that they compare with the Nordic model of the welfare state, which also rejects itself as socialist. In addition, Trump’s way of placing the issue in front of voters is no different from Biden, when Biden says he is “an ally of light”, not darkness.

While Biden focuses on attacking the Trump administration’s failure to deal with the pandemic, accompanied by a massive economic catastrophe, Trump’s campaign wants this election to be an ideological option.

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And to the attack segment Biden:

“Joe Biden is not the savior of the American soul; he is the destroyer of American jobs, and if given the chance, he will destroy the greatness of America.

For 47 years, Biden accepted donations from blue-collar workers, hugged, kissed them, and said he understood their pain. Then he flew back to Washington, voted to approve the transfer of all our jobs to China and many other remote places.

“I have done nothing but fight for you. I did something career politicians never expected and would not tolerate. Break the key rule of Washington politics: I kept my word.

… They got mad at me, because instead of putting them first, I said put America first ”.

Trump’s America First Strategy over the past four years has caused quite a bit of controversy. His loyal supporters are enamored because he dares to do it, and Democrats and protesters are angry when Trump has made America increasingly clumped, falling out of multilateral and international organizations. However, Mr. Trump asserted that this was a success that few people before him did.

“But I kept my promise to the Americans. We have acted the strongest, most daring, with the greatest pressure on China in American history ”.

In the first phase agreement, China promised to buy more American goods and services by the end of this year. However, these promises are not being fulfilled, as Covid-19 is like a cold relationship in many ways between the two countries. In addition, this agreement does not address core issues such as economic structure and government subsidies in China. The Phase 2 deal still doesn’t see a future, and Mr Trump said he doesn’t want to negotiate with China at this point.

“And I have humbly said that I have done more for the African-American community than any other president since the time of Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican president.”

According to the Washington Post’s tests, the statement repeated by Trump many times is not true. President Lyndon Johnson passed the landmark 1960s legislation to protect blacks’ right to vote and not to be discriminated against. Historians also consider the laws and regulations of President Ulysses Grant and Harry Truman to be of great significance to the African-American community.

“China supports Biden and really wants him to win,” Trump said. In a report on August 7, US intelligence assessed that “China wants Trump, whom Beijing considers unpredictable, not to win the election”. The report also said that Russia wants Trump to win against Biden.

In his speech, Mr. Trump continued to call the corona virus “China Virus”. Observers say this is how Mr Trump “pushed the responsibility” for the world’s largest number of Covid-19 deaths.

Contrary to the “gloomy” US numbers during the pandemic like Biden’s speech, Mr Trump boasted of his administration’s achievements in dealing with the epidemic, including:

– Mobilize huge national resources, produce enough, excess breathing apparatus, gloves, masks, etc;

– Quickly build field hospitals. Conducting the world’s most test;

– Develop effective treatment methods: plasma infusion;

– The United States has the lowest Covid-19 death rate in the world; etc

While some of the claims are true, some are misleading. For example, Trump likes to emphasize “America has the lowest rate” during the pandemic, but experts disagree that this is a success or a failure. It may just mean that the virus spreads at a very rapid rate among the young people in America, who are much less likely to die. And if we compare quantum numbers on the population scale, the US is not the most serious, but also no better than other developed countries.

In terms of economic recovery, Mr. Trump proudly said the US has created 9 million jobs in the past three months, a record in all countries. However, observers pointed out Mr. Trump did not mention the loss of 22 million US jobs in March and April.

“Instead of listening to science, Joe Biden wants to freeze the entire economy. This will have unimaginable lasting consequences for our children, our families and our citizens of all walks of life, ”Mr. Trump said.

Trump and Biden have repeatedly opposed each other over how to deal with Covid-19. However, in an interview last week, he was asked if he would support the economic shutdown if there was a second wave of Covid-19.

“I’ll close the door, I’ll listen to the scientists,” Biden said.

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What is Trump’s solution?

“To save as many people as we can, we focus on science, real data and data. We strongly protect those at greatest risk, especially the elderly, while allowing those at less risk to return to work and school safely. We want to see Democrats reopen more states. They have to open the door, go back to work, go to school “.

Re-opening a school is not easy. The American Association of Teachers says schools cannot safely open doors if the positive rate is above 5% and about half of the states do this. Some states like Georgia and Indiana, after reopening, schools had to close as soon as some teachers and students became infected with the virus.

Attacking the agenda of the Democratic Party:

“At the Democrats Conference, you barely hear a word about their agenda. Not because they don’t, but because their nominees are the most extreme set of their nominees.

Joe Biden claims he is an “ally of light”, but he wants to hide this agenda completely in the dark. “

He doesn’t know anything. He has pledged a 4 trillion tax increase on nearly every American family. This will collapse our rapidly improving economy. ”

“This means that the record high stock market we have is going to collapse, meaning your 401 accounts, all your stocks are gone.”

Mr Trump has insisted he will not raise taxes but continue to reduce them further.

“We will provide tax credits to bring jobs from China to the US, and we will tax companies that leave the US to produce in other countries.”

“Biden’s strategy is” Made in China “. My strategy is “Made in the USA”.

A sharp reduction in taxes in the next term is difficult to implement, as the 2017 tax cut causes a deficit in the national budget while economic growth has not been enough to make up for it, despite the promises of the Trump administration. Corporate tax is reduced by 31% in the first year of the tax reduction policy, resulting in a larger deficit in the federal budget.

In addition, the majority of businesses left China but did not return to the US and moved to Asia or Mexico. A survey by the US Chamber of Commerce last year found that only 6% of American companies operating in China consider moving jobs to the US.

The dark scenarios of America under the rule of Biden and the Democrats were drawn up by Mr. Trump throughout his speech, for example:

“Biden is the Silk horse of socialism. If Biden does not have the strength to stand up against emotionless Marxists like Bernie Sanders, … how can he stand up for you?

Please make no mistake, if you give Biden power, the radical left will cut police budgets across America… No one will be safe in Biden’s America ”.

However, Biden has stated that he opposes cutting police budgets, despite the fact being repeated by Trump and Republican officials.

Commitments for the following term of Mr. Trump:

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Over the next four years, we will make America the world’s manufacturing superpower.

We will continue to reduce taxes and regulations at unseen levels. 10 million jobs will be created in the next 10 months or even more.

We will recruit more police officers, increase penalties for law enforcement attacks, and dramatically increase the number of prosecutors in criminal communities.

We will ban cities from deadly shelters, and make sure federal health is protected for Americans, not for those from outside illegally.

We will have strong frontiers. Your rights to carry guns, Medicare and Social Security are protected.

We will win the 5G race, build the best missile defense system, network defense in the world.

We will protect freedom of speech in schools.

And we will usher in a new era of America in space. America will soon land the first woman on the moon, and set up a flag on Mars.

Conclusion: Mr. Trump’s speech is about 70 minutes long, almost three times longer than Joe Biden’s 24-minute speech. When finished, both candidates repeated the phrase “God bless you.”

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