The main beauty of the two-dimensional game in 2020 stepped on the pit again

Look at art investment from the perspective of investment

Originally, I wanted to write that the game could not be launched due to the 2020 epidemic, but I thought about it. In fact, the game is not online, it has nothing to do with the epidemic, and the epidemic is not the case.

In the summary of last year, I wrote that the preservation period of art is only 4 months. Looking back now, the preservation period will be shorter and shorter. The user has been raised by the art of the great god, and this vision is almost impossible. Reversal means that users’ eyes will become more and more critical. In a system where the two-dimensional card game has not changed much, good art is the core competitiveness. If the whole set of art is not made online in time, it will fall into a cycle of constant modification. After all, there are endless good-looking art styles on the market. You can’t stay competitive forever. The game development process is more than half a year, and the preservation period of art will decline. , If you want to recover the cost, unless it is an explosion, it is particularly difficult.

The first pit of game art development

What is the cost of a good set of two-dimensional art? The answer lies in the painting.

The market unit price of a high-quality vertical painting is about 1W. Maybe you don’t believe it. I think it can be done if you find a few outsourced to him in the market for a price of 3000 to 4000. It will take a little longer. Anyway, the money is so much. Just be cautious when reviewing, and let him make a quality of 6000. Earned, this is a trick used by small companies, and this is the first pit that art has stepped on.

The picture below is a vertical painting by Onmyoji. In Suzuka, this vertical painting is more important in design than refinement. Under the premise that the budget of a small company is not enough, it is understandable but unacceptable to use the money as much as possible.

Because the user only wants to see a good picture, instead of calculating how much money you saved on the picture, if you use half the price to make the same quality as others, it is acceptable, but your quality is worse than others, this is not acceptable. Especially when there are so many free games now, it is the developers who beg users to play their own games, not in the era of red and white machines. A Mario and Contra can be played for several years. After all, there were not many game choices at that time.

Taptap has about 300 new games every month, which is 10 games per day. Users will never finish playing these games for a lifetime.

In its own game development, 60 characters were designed at the beginning, but the price of each character was 1200, which led to the embarrassment of acceptable price and unacceptable quality. How much money can be spent on art for game development? To have a budget, most of the development company’s money is not divided, that is, the total development cost is about 300W. If it is spent, the team will be dispersed. If you return to4 years agoWhen developing, be sure to budget how much money can be spent on art, such as art 100W, you can list a table

Unit price
1200 yuan, quantity 60
Total price 7.2W
Q version character unit price
700 yuan, quantity 60
Total price 4.2W
Scene unit price
6000 yuan, the quantity is 16
Total price 9.6W

Of course, people who have never stepped on the pit will know that even if they follow the plan, the quality is not necessarily what they want, because you have to spend a lot of time discussing on the stand, not just spending money. The details of the design inside can almost kill people, especially when the level of outsourcing personnel is not high, it cannot meet the requirements and requires the main beauty to redraw, which consumes a lot of time, because the main beauty is used to wipe butt and review When outsourcing, the planner, the producer, and the main beauty often come to discuss together, at least two or three times. As many as 5 or 6 times. This is a money-saving pit. It is better to find some high-level ones to do it, so that you can leave a lot of time and free the main beauty to do other work, otherwise the outsourcing will become 1+1=1 instead of 1+ 1 is greater than 2, painting is a technical job, talent is always more important than money. Finding the right person is more efficient than spending your time on your own. This is the first pit that our team has stepped on. It is cheaper to choose the one that is cheap. It takes a lot of time to help the outsourcing members grow, but the gain is not worth the loss.

If I were to go back to the beginning of the original project, I would force the producer to let him give the art budget, to achieve the maximum effect within this budget, and the number can be reduced appropriately. After all, 60 Zhang Li paintings, if the quality is not high.The user has no cognition and cannot feel the intention of the game. Small companies have no experience in developing large-scale games. They often step on the pit while developing. When the pit is almost stepped on, the money burns out and the team disperses.

The second pit of game art development

The second pit on the art side is the pursuit of perfection and uniformity. The process of outsourcing characters took 60 characters for almost 3 years. At first, the quality was not high, but later the quality was improved, and the poor quality needs to be updated. This seems It’s a right decision. In fact, this is unscientific. Any game will be mixed with insufficient art resources. This is caused by the process. After all, as the developer’s experience increases, the art quality will get better and better. Time to restore the previous art resources is not necessary, especially when the game is not online, if the game can be online, the subsequent art time should be placed on the updated content

The picture below is a painting of the seventh epic. Low-level characters can use low-quality paintings to concentrate resources and time in a few important roles to improve users’ awareness of the game, instead of averaging resources and time. Put it in all roles.

The game was launched in August 2018, with certain vertical drawing levels

Characters presented at the beginning of the game

2020 version high-quality vertical painting

In the past two years, the level of vertical painting has been improving. In the follow-up operation, the level of fine art will be improved. In the initial stage of launch, we must properly accept imperfections.

Liehui is the soul of the two-dimensional card drawing game. If a game has no soul, this game has no user attention. The special effects that my company finds are a big trick of 3100. Separately use Liehui 1200 scenes 6000 and special effects 3100 for comparison. Lihui’s investment is the least, which leads to the game’s soullessness. Just like decorating a house, the investment amount is determined according to the length of time the home is used, such as mattresses and pillows, usually within 1,000, but the price of a smart toilet is around 2,000, and the daily use of the toilet is less than 30 minutes, and the time to sleep In 8 hours or so, the budget allocation in this way is putting the cart before the horse.

After spending so much money and time, how do you judge that art is rewarding?

If the game is not online, such as your own company, the return of art is zero. Because it has not yet reached the stage of pitting users’ money, the team is almost dispersed. From the maximum of 12 people in the art, planning, and procedures of the company, there are only 3 procedures, 2 art, and 1 planning, and there will be no extras in the future. The money comes to hire people, and the boss’s money is estimated to be only enough to burn until next year. This is just a lesson with passion and no experience.

Of course, this lesson requires the boss to pay for it, because art is to follow the boss’s ideas. In traditional small companies, the boss is just talking, and there is almost no room for negotiation, unless it is some unimportant decision. The most profound lesson of this is that the boss misjudged the team’s ability, which could have been developed slowly, but the boss hopes to use a budget of less than 300W to leverage 200 million yuan in income. This is because he has been selling pie, and Up to now, he is still convinced, but almost every boss cannot accept the opinions of employees, because the boss feels that he is right, this is very embarrassing, the boss will not reflect, and the plan will be changed. Function, I feel that the program can be implemented all the time, but in fact the program is not fixed. I can only quietly lead the salary to save experience, and prepare for the next year’s job change. A self-reflection, confident person who does not think about the actual situation of the team It’s the saddest thing to live in a dream every day, especially in this Internet age. Bosses don’t understand programs and art, and laymen lead insiders. It’s impossible to make a hit. There are still operational pits that have not yet been stepped on, and the online launch is even far away. I originally wanted to use the experience of stepping on the pits to remind everyone, but my experience only proves that this road is a wrong road, not a bright road. Each team has its own problems. Even if you avoid my pit, there will still be other pits waiting for you. The road to game development is far away.

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