The Macbook Pro 2019 was unexpectedly released by Apple

The Macbook Pro 2019 was unexpectedly released by Apple

Apple recently launched its new Macbook Pro 2019 line in silence and didn't approve any introductory events. It can be said that after launching two new Ipad models, Ipad mini 5 and Ipad Air 3, are quiet, we can all see clearly that Apple is focusing on making software rather than their hardware.

Going back to the new 2019 Macbook Pro models, unlike the previous rumors about a 16-inch screen Macbook, Apple retains its traditional 15.4 and 13.3-inch versions on The machine form remains from the 2016 models. The direct change from the internal hardware is the latest 9th generation microprocessor of Intel along with the butterfly wing keyboard system which has now been improved. .

1. New generation keyboard

First we must mention the improvement of the keyboard because this is one of the most controversial issues since the entire Macbook Pro switch to use the keyboard Butterfly has extremely shallow journey. In addition, the previous models all have a lot of dusty keyboard phenomenon and often cause jamming. Even the 2018 version, although Apple has added a rubber layer, still has this phenomenon.

With 2019 Macbook Pro, Apple has improved somewhat by a new rubber sheet to avoid phenomena like the previous life. The nature of the butterfly keyboard has a very shallow journey and uses copper pins to contact and then give the command whether or not the key has been received so just a little bit of dust can cause the switch to receive the wrong command or be keystroke.

1 / Macbook Pro 2019

The rubber part is also finer, not as lumpy as the 2018 version to prevent dust from sticking.

2 / Macbook Pro 2019
Rubber plate 2018 on the left and 2019 on the right

We need to wait more to know whether this change will fix the inherent problem of previous generations.

2. Configuration

Configuration is the inevitable change of the new version. The 2019 Macbook Pro 15 inch version will be equipped with Core i7-9750H chip 6 cores 2.6 GHz – turbo boost 4.5 GHz with 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Radeon 555X graphics card. You can optionally upload the highest version using the 2.4 GHz 8-core Core i9-9980HK CPU – turbo boost of 5 GHz. This is also the most powerful chip on current laptop models.

Last year when Apple first equipped Core i9 on its Macbook model, the overheating phenomenon made this machine a technology "disaster" and was discussed during those times. The device temperature can reach over 100 degrees Celsius and at this time the CPU will be reduced by the pulse and even the performance is not equal to the Core i7 version. Although Apple has said it has improved the new cooling system, but with the 8-core Core i9 chip that has been crammed into such a lightweight model, perhaps the temperature cannot be improved either.

However, if you want to use the 16 or 20 Vega card version, you will have to choose Core i9 version. Core i7 version only comes with Radeon card and no Vega option. At this time, the price of money has also increased greatly.

3 / Macbook Pro 2019


In summary, the whole change comes mainly from the internal machine configuration and a few changes in the keyboard. Using experience will need more time to evaluate because the problem of temperature and dust problem in the keyboard will be difficult to assess immediately.

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