The love disguised beauty in the Immortal King: Watching the "swollen face" sulked at Lee Min Ho like a teenage girl in love?
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The love disguised beauty in the Immortal King: Watching the “swollen face” sulked at Lee Min Ho like a teenage girl in love?

Besides showing the milestones in the relationship between His Majesty Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), King of Undying (The King: Eternal Monarch) episode 4 also entertained the women and women “a ploy hint” of the beautiful passion of the Emperor – Can Ve couple. Specifically, when Lee Gon returned from the parallel world, his trusted bodyguard – Yeong (Woo Do Hwan) had the “face swollen eyebrows” sulked Her Majesty because of “crime” missing trip to paint shui without saying a word.

Yeong angry with the Emperor! Angry swelling face!

Faced with the face of discontent from Yeong, the high Emperor at the top let out his words so stubbornly, but in his heart he was “too shy”. The main evidence is that after saying “looking at you so silently I feel uneasy”, Lee Gon left the room with Noh palace and did not intend to stay. In addition, he kept telling Noh the palace that Yeong was rude to him as if he was pulling more people to his side, but if he kept up the atmosphere like this, the Emperor would not understand …

Lee Gon told Noh that Yeong had just glanced at him. Yeong immediately turned away in the right way, I was angry for you. He saw it then.

The Emperor let go of his stubbornness, but he “escaped”. While constantly teasing upper house Noh about Yeong’s attitude.

Not stopping there, Yeong was really angry with the Emperor until Lee Gon opened his mouth to speak directly to him before temporarily deferring. Afterwards, Yeong insisted on locating the phone on the Emperor’s phone, supervising the Emperor 24/7, never leaving the situation as it was before. Although judging from the film’s plot, this episode is reasonable, moreover, this is the job of a bodyguard, however, with the view of the girls, these scenes always feel like “passionate”. which one? No one in the guard would be “arrogant” like this? When the Emperor added, when he reached for his phone, he asked, “Why, you want to hold my hand?” After that, they hold hands. Hey ???

Is there a bodyguard to the “arrogant” like this? Let the Emperor speak first.

Your Majesty, people demand phones …

After reconciling, Yeong was worried again because he thought His Majesty disappeared again. Look at the bodyguard’s face, guys!

Finally, the writer added a “three-sided-one” scene in the bamboo forest, pushing the passionate drama to the climax when letting Yeong – the loyal bodyguard and close brother of the Emperor witness the scene of the beloved Emperor. according to the goddess herself who longed for 25 years from the parallel world back to the Korean Empire.

It’s obvious that the “love triangle” is …


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The romantic disguised love language of the Immortal King: Watching the swollen face of the sulking face Lee Min Ho like a teenage girl in love? - Picture 9.


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