The look of the Harley-Davidson Road King with the front legs is unlike anyone

The look of the Harley-Davidson Road King with the front legs is unlike anyone

One of the car’s models Harley-Davidson very popular with the motorcycle world is the Harley-Davidson Road King due to its extremely high customization. Recently, a new product from this model has been introduced that makes Harley-Davidson enthusiasts admire.

Harley-Davidson Road King

The original Road King with a Touring design has been completely transformed into a new dusty Bagger style, clearly reflected through features such as extremely low undercarriage and extreme front rim. .

To give the Road King a different look, the anonymous factory behind this product has had to spend a lot of effort, from cutting, cutting, extending and changing the neck angle to create a set. Perfect new frame, compatible with level details.

Bagger Harley-Davidson Road King degree

Harley-Davidson Road King underwent many changes

Carrying on the authentic Bagger style, the custom Harley-Davidson has two huge storage containers behind, the ground clearance is also lowered to the fullest, making it feel like the car is only about 10-15 minutes from the ground. mm.

In the front body, the legs with the front forks and wheels are removed, instead, the new suspension comes with cast wheels up to 32 inches. This change gives the bike look like an antique bicycle with huge front wheels.

Another highlight of the Bagger Harley-Davidson Road King is the powerful V-Twin engine block, 1687.87 cc capacity with 6-speed gearbox with many chrome-plated details. The original exhaust has also been replaced by a titanium exhaust system made entirely by hand.

Harley-Davidson Road King engine

Harley-Davidson Road King engine

The new Bagger Harley-Davidson Road King is expected to be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.



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