The London Police's face recognition system has an error rate of up to ... 81% - Photo 1.

The London Police's face recognition system has a wrong rate of up to … 81%

Face detection technology being tested by Metropolitan Police is said to have an error rate of 81%.

According to a study by Essex University, the system mistakenly identified four of the five innocent people as wanted suspects.

If sued to go to court, this system is likely to be included in the "illegal" category.

For the purpose of the synthesis, an independent report on the process of testing this service by London police, Peter Fussey and Daragh Murray was given by Essex University "unprecedented" access. 6 out of 10 trials conducted from 6/2018 to 2/2019.

The duo joined the officers working in LFR control rooms (Live Facial Recognition – face detection) and in the field; They also attend meetings and interviews, as well as planning meetings.

"This report is based on the process of intimate participation in related processes using face-to-face recognition technology of the Metropolitan Police "- Fussey co-author stated.

"The problems such as those related to the LFR process are subject to inspection, and the test results must be public, which is reasonable "- he added.

The main concerns of these researchers are very legitimate.

They affirmed that the Metropolitan Police did not receive a "clear legal authority" to use the LFR in accordance with domestic law, or did not care about factors such as the nature of infringement of the privacy of technology or use. Biometric processing technology.

In addition, the two researchers argued that the police were missing in pre-test planning and technological conceptualization, resulting in a range of consensus, legitimacy, and faith.

In the six trials evaluated, LFR technology produced 42 matches, but the study authors said only 8 of them were certainly correct.

"…The Metropolitan Police system was not included in human rights compliance terms from the beginning, and it was not an essential part of the technology application process "- Murray said.

With their announcement, Murray and Fussey called for a halt of all LFR tests that are being conducted until concerns are resolved.

Metropolitan police have yet to comment on the incident.

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