The little-known effect of muffler fabric on motorbikes

Most of the cars that are covered with cloth on the neck are custom bikes and belong to the Classic or Cafe Racer series, these cars have the collar on the outside and mostly close to the driver’s foot, That is the problem that causes discomfort for the driver.

Because of the outside neck that causes heat or foot burns if it is accidentally touched, many bikers have used cloth to wrap it to cool the legs when using the car as well as limit the accidental burns. touch.

Want a classic car, casual players, bringing the neck out and the use of cloth to wrap the neck is considered the safest and simplest method.


These fabrics are made of glass fiber, chrome alloy fiber, Asbestos, Titanium, Nickel chrome, glass fiber, Ceramic fiber cloth or Carbon fiber knit fabric … all of these materials have high heat resistance, other probably with ordinary fabrics.

In addition to limiting the temperature of the exhaust pipe, this fabric can also be fireproof, which will help make the poor quality neck parts more safe.


On some high-capacity vehicles or cars often have to run under extreme conditions, the neck can emit sparks when overheated, using this cloth also helps the car to be safer than before. sparks, avoid fire and explosion

And the most important thing that many people wear cloth on the neck is to make the car more beautiful, more clearly showing the dust of Classic cars or Cafe Racer if the fabric is covered in the neck.


Thus, it is not simple for the player to like the cloth but also depends on the reasons above, moreover, it is not ordinary fabric as many people mistakenly think because if it is normal fabrics that wrap up, then run. less than 1km of fabric has flowed out even causing fire to the car.


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