The list of members of the new season of "Run", Huang Xuxi confirmed to join, but he did not see the audience like him

The list of members of the new season of “Run”, Huang Xuxi confirmed to join, but he did not see the audience like him

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“Run” new season member list

2021 has ushered in March, and it is very comfortable in this spring season. And soon there will be variety shows that are popular among viewers. For example, “Run”, every season of the program will present a very exciting performance to the audience. Recording will start at the end of March, and you will be able to see this cheerful program soon. At present, there is no official announcement of the new season’s guest lineup on the official Weibo, but the new season’s lineup has been uploaded on the Internet. After seeing these lineups, many audiences can still accept it.

On the list exposed online, the guest lineup for the new season of “Run” includes Li Chen, Yang Ying, Zheng Kai, Sha Yi and Cai Xukun, as well as two members Huang Xuxi and Cheng Yi. These guests are very popular in the entertainment circle, and it is very exciting that Sha Yi and Cai Xukun continue to join. There are seven members in the new season. Although the lineup on this list may not be 100% accurate, at present we have to be rational, and the final specific results have to wait for the official announcement on the official Weibo.

You can see that the permanent guests from the first season to the upcoming show are Li Chen, Yang Ying and Zheng Kai. I have to say that the three members are really veteran guests, and the three old members have been sticking to this file. The program has always brought many wonderful things to the audience. As the only female guest on the show, Ying Yang may not have a lot of laughs, but it is also very exciting. There are also Li Chen and Zheng Kai, a big black cow and a little cheetah. In the show, they all have their own personal settings. I hope that the new season’s program will continue to bring a lot of excitement.

Huang Xuxi confirmed to join

Recently Huang Xuxi confirmed that he will return to the new season of the show. Huang Xuxi is very popular and is also a star with traffic. Huang Xuxi participated in one season of the program, and it also brought many wonderful things to watch. But after that, he didn’t continue to join. Now after a season, Huang Xuxi has confirmed his return. Who will watch this and who won’t expect it? Huang Xuxi looks like a lovely big boy in the show, and brings many wonderful things to the show. I hope to continue to bring a lot of laughs to the audience in the upcoming “Run”.

On the list of online transmissions, I also saw Sha Yi and Cai Xukun continue to join. The two members joined the one-season show, bringing a lot of laughter and laughter. Sha Yi has a strong sense of variety, and his shows are always laughing. Sha Yi continues to join, and the audience is very excited, and Cai Xukun will continue to join. Cai Xukun has become more and more popular with this show. Well, I also continue to gain a lot of fans. I hope that Cai Xukun will participate in some variety shows, so that you can see the cute and loving Cai Xukun.

There is also a new member on this list, he is Cheng Yi, who is also a popular star by virtue of a drama. The interaction between Cheng Yi and other guests in the “Running Yellow River” is also full of highlights. But this list is not the final result, let’s wait for the official announcement on the official blog.

But I don’t see him who the audience likes

But on this list, I didn’t see Guo Qilin, who the audience liked. Guo Qilin’s popularity and resources in the past two years have been very good. Okay, but Guo Qilin is not on the list. Many viewers are still a little bit lost.

However, Guo Qilin started a big fire this year, and his schedule became more and more busy, and he began to become a busy person. Presumably because of the schedule, he couldn’t record the new season of the show. Guo Qilin’s absence is still a bit reluctant, after all, Guo Qilin is also a guest on the show with a lot of laughs. Finally, let us wait for the official announcement on the official Weibo, looking forward to the new season’s show will become more and more exciting.

The above is the whole content of this article. What do you think of the guest lineup for this season? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment area!


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