The lion team’s chief executive sends red envelopes to Lianzhong Campus

(Miri 20th) Lianli Middle School cooperated with the arrival of the Lunar New Year. The school’s male lion team and the loud gongs and drums presented a series of lively and exciting lion dance performances on the campus this morning. At the same time, 1,192 students from the school received A red envelope distributed by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Baoling He. The chief executive officer of the school, Dr. He Baoling, believes that the distribution of red envelopes is one of the aspects of celebrating the Lunar New Year. The content of the red envelope is not important. It is important that students understand that the main meaning is in red paper, which symbolizes good luck. Blessings to juniors. “Lianzhong attaches great importance to the inheritance of Chinese culture. Lianzhong students are a happy group. They have the opportunity to experience and spread the Chinese culture. In the process of studying and growing up in middle school, they celebrate various festivals with their friends and foreign students. Very good secondary school experience. “She believes that schools are not only a place to impart and learn knowledge, but also an important place to cultivate good morals. “Lianzhong has set up ‘Respect, Integrity, Empathy, Gratitude, Excellence, and Diligence’ as its six core values ​​at the beginning of this year. The Lunar New Year is approaching, and we hope that teachers and students will respect and respect each other in the new year. School spirit. ”Gu Jiawen: Lian Zhongsheng is very happy. Marano student Marisa said that the lion dance performance on campus today gave her who was not of Chinese family background to have a close encounter with God of Wealth and introduced her to friends in Chinese. Next, she knew that the lion species in Lianzhong were the green lion and the Swiss lion. Gu Jiawen, who is studying in the second year of high school this year, said that she has joined the Lianzhong Lions Team for two years. She is very fortunate to have the opportunity to go home and dance with her classmates to celebrate the New Year. This is a very rare experience. Gu Jiawen expressed gratitude to Chief Executive Officer Dr. Baoling He for personally giving a red envelope to each student, which is a manifestation of loving students. As a low-school student, she felt very happy. Li Yi’an urged to make an appointment for the Lianzhong Lions Team. At the same time, under the preparations of the president of the school’s Lion Dance Society for Li Yi’an, Vice President Yu Lefan and Li Weiheng, the Lions team presented a lively and exciting lion dance performance. The campus was permeated with a lively and lively atmosphere of strong New Year’s Day. Li Yi’an said that the Lianzhong Lions Team had organized a lion dance training camp during the end of last year’s vacation. The aim was to improve the lion art of students, so that students can learn about the lion dance culture and essence, and prepare for the lion dance fundraising activities for the Spring Festival this year. He said that before the Chinese New Year each year, the Lianzhong Lions team will perform lion dance performances in school, in order to increase the festive atmosphere of the campus New Year. The jumping lion symbolizes the vitality of life, the God of Wealth symbolizes auspicious wealth, and a series of performances hope to bring the campus Come warm spring. Li Yi’an said that this year’s Lunar New Year, Lianzhong dispatched 10 lion teams (Rui Lions and Green Lions) to congratulate all walks of life from the first day to the fifteenth year, and used this to raise funds for the school. “For the Spring Festival lion dance, my classmates and I have put in preparations since the end of last year. Especially, we take every detail of lion dance skills seriously and dare not be careless. Citizens of Miri have added festive preparations and hope that people from all walks of life will strongly support the Lianzhong Lions. “On behalf of all Lianzhong students, he wished everyone an early age and wished everyone a happy New Year, a wealth of wealth, good health, and everything going smoothly. Interested parties can contact the school to make an appointment to visit the Lions team: Tel. 085-612423; Fax: 085-615176.

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