The LG children I miss the most: Optimus G is fast and smooth, Nexus 4 is extremely cheap, LG V10 is too luxurious

The Nexus 4 is a Google phone, but it is made by LG and it is based on the Optimus G. Nexus 4 is the first Nexus phone with a very low price, only $ 300 for the powerful unlocked 8GB. For $ 300, you get a beautifully designed smartphone, take good pictures, run extremely smoothly and especially using stock Android is nothing to criticize. That is why the Nexus 4 was extremely hot at first, when it came to Vietnam, every batch of products was out of stock right away, it was very difficult to find and buy. I was lucky enough to buy Nexus 4 on a fine day in December, I love it to use it. This is also my first Nexus phone.

LG then planned to distribute the genuine Nexus 4 in Vietnam, but then abandoned this plan.

After the Nexus 4, LG also made the Nexus 5, but to me, I was not impressed with this device, except for the beautiful mint green color and the large camera cluster that looks nice. Then, when the Nexus 6P came to be Huawei, the Nexus 5x was still made by LG. At the end of this life, Google abandoned the Nexus line and switched to Pixel, produced by HTC, but Google undertook more design and decision-making.

LG G2: Bring all the buttons to the back

LG G2 has a special feature that removes all the hard buttons on the front and sides, and switches the button to the back. When you pick up your phone to use it, the power key will almost always be at the tip of your index finger, along with two volume keys. These three keys are located close to the camera cluster and are very accessible, even for those with small hands. LG has innovations like that. The LG G2 display also excelled with high buoyancy, bright colors, and thin bezels. At that time, LG G2 and G3 used very impressive thin-bezel screens compared to smartphones at the same time.

. (Duy Luân)

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