The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 shows that Apple is putting profits above all - Photo 1.

The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 shows that Apple is putting profits above all

This week, Apple has refresh your iPod Touch product line. But it's hard to say this is a 'new' product, while keeping the design from the iPod Touch 2015, and not much different from the 2013 version! Apple is still giving live iPods, but living in moderation. The latest version of the iPod Touch, which has just been released, has been used only since 2016.

The publication of this product on the market clearly shows how Apple is a company.

Profits are placed above all

Apple is one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world. But to achieve this position, they had to balance between creating breakthrough products, high-end products and ensuring their own revenue.

Take their Apple MacBook Pro, for example, which has a new keyboard called 'butterfly wings' that makes it very thin. But when users use it to know that this design is very perishable, we can completely lose 1-2 keys in a short time. Apple has not changed the design to fix this error for four years, making many users feel angry.

The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 shows that Apple is putting profits above all - Photo 2.

The company has also opened a program to fix this keyboard error, which will certainly cost them a large amount of money, but it is still too small to find a radical solution. In other words, Apple will try to 'squeeze' all the money a product can create before replacing them. This is why the iPhone has a regular line and the 'S' line, when the 'S' line only changes in the internal configuration, the company does not need to spend money to create a completely new product.

Apple has done the same with iPad, Mac, MacBook and many other products. They will not create a new product, until the modern version is out of use. And this is exactly what happened to the iPod Touch product line.

The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 shows that Apple is putting profits above all - Photo 3.

Advertising is very famous for iPod Classic

iPod is undoubtedly one of Apple 's most legendary products, so try to imagine the user' s discomfort if the company stops producing the music player.

iPod is not just a technology device, it embodies Apple's unique philosophy: a combination of technology and art. iPod and iTunes are two 'launchers', bringing the company into the art world, into the users' culture, without these two, the company has no position like the present. The iPod is also the foundation for an indispensable feature on the iPhone: storing thousands of songs in a compact device that can be inserted into a pocket.

Therefore, even though iPod has a small market share, Apple does not want to stop producing them. This is the reason for the iPod Touch 2019: a design from 2015, and 'borrowed' a lot of details from the 2013 version.

iPod is now a 'body but no soul' product!

Before the iPhone was launched, the iPod was Apple's "money-making cow". From 2001 to 2007, the company continuously launched new iPods, with completely new designs and much stronger hardware. At this point, Apple has 2 lines of iPod Mini, 4 generations of iPod Shuffle, 7 generations of iPod Nano. The first iPod Touch was released in 2007, also the first five iPhones.

The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 shows that Apple is putting profits above all - Photo 4.

Since its launch, the iPhone has captured the attention of users, when it was an iPod Touch with the ability to call and text. After 2007, Apple began to stop the iPod development process, with each generation having only minor improvements, not even worth mentioning.

From being a major product of Apple in the 2000s, the iPod was suddenly abandoned by the company, and users also felt it when they were no longer interested in them. Even the latest iPod Touch re-uses the design of 2015, with the processor already on the iPhone 2016. Even portable game consoles – a product that is also thought to be on the way down There are more design innovations than iPods.

The company is slowly able to use the iPhone X's design, making the iPod Touch 2019 the first iPod to have a borderline screen. But maybe there are too few customers interested in this product, the company does not see the potential, so it does not want to do anymore!

The launch of the iPod Touch 2019 clearly shows the nature of Apple: This is a company ready to break through, but only if they see profits.

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