The latest Paradox Master Giftcode and “secret” to receive more

In this article, Mot Game will bring you a list of all available Paradox giftcodes for you to gather resources to upgrade your squad.

Publisher Soha Game has launched a lot of Adversary’s giftcode for its gamers. If you’re playing the game, you can skip right to the code at the end of the article, if not, skip through the game’s introduction to see if the game is right for you.

Summary of the Paradox Master

When coming to the Master of Destiny, gamers have the opportunity to meet many powerful generals of the Three Kingdoms period and fight alongside them on the battlefields. Belonging to the general card game genre, the game has hundreds of different generals with different skills and strategies, all of which can turn the world around if used properly.

Publisher Soha introduces that the Master of Fate is a new version of the Three Kingdoms general card game series. Players entering the world of the game will transform into an unnamed Adversary and begin the mission to turn the universe and reverse the destiny. To do this, the game gives you the opportunity to own many generals from the Three Kingdoms period and also use many other famous generals in history.

Giftcode Paradox Master

The game of Adversity possesses up to 4 main general systems with more than 100 generals. Thanks to their skills and attributes, gamers can create thousands and thousands of ways to arrange battle formations to defeat their opponents. It can be said that in the Master of Adversity, there is not a single champion that is redundant or useless, all of which can work unexpectedly when given the right opportunity.

Doing this is not difficult but also not easy, because it is important for players to understand each of our and enemy generals and arrange and upgrade them in the most reasonable way. But because it is an online game, in addition to the player’s tactical and thinking mind, the game also needs time and effort to plow. To reduce this burden, publisher Soha has launched many different Adversary Giftcodes that you can easily copy – paste below.

Adversary’s giftcodescode

All general giftcodes of Paradox Master are posted below. In addition, you can also follow the homepage and fanpage of the game at to receive individual giftcodes for each person, for example at the time This game is having an event to give giftcode on International Children’s Day 1/6.

Giftcode Paradox Master

General giftcodes:

  • QMOQD26A9A8B82
  • OOBIF6703B85F4
  • GBZO703AD67303
  • FYFQ840D39280
  • HEJE617961250
  • LBQW03E2BD5A0E
  • RLSD11ECC8CC55
  • TAZFB4404E0FD5

There are also some other expired giftcode giveaway events:

  • Receive codes and gifts from Loan Tin Big Update 5.0 event – ​​Quan Anh Banquet version. The reward includes 200 gold, 10 heavenly destiny chests, 10 heavenly destiny exp chests.
  • Get the code from the MAP CODE CARD event and receive a gift worth 200k.
  • Get the code from the Landing Paradox Master page.

How to enter the giftcode Paradox Master

Giftcode Paradox Master

The exchange of Adversary’s giftcode for gifts is done on Soha Game’s homepage, similar to other games of this publisher.

  • First go to the page to load the giftcode at
  • Select your server and character name, then select the Giftcode item.
  • Paste the giftcodes we posted above into the blank box and then click the Use button.
  • If done correctly, you will receive a message “Successfully using Giftcode”.
  • Log in to the game and then go to the System Mail to check and receive gifts.

Quickly enter the giftcode Paradox Master according to the instructions to immediately receive rewards and upgrade characters, equip your generals to become stronger.

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