The latest information and interview of the new Japanese RPG “Monark”: Desire is not the root of all evil

“Monark” is a new campus RPG. The story is based on a school that can be connected to a different world. Players and their companions with 4 different endings will use the power of the devil who feeds on the protagonist’s desire and madness to fight. What will the school be like, and which companion will you hold in the end? Where does this fate lead? Only the player knows these answers. This time the “Famitsu” editorial department will bring you the story introduction and character information of the game, as well as the content of the interviews with the main development members, so stay tuned.

Partner members who lead the 4 finale

The “True Students’ Association” is an organization established to resolve abnormal events in the school. The protagonist who is the vice president will select the “partner” members from four candidates: Hyuga Wang, Yuda Nobuya, Tatero Tatero, and Surugadai, and fight side by side in order to restore the school to its original state.

Protagonist (CV: Taketo Kajihara)

The player’s clone, a junior in the second grade of the Higher Department. In this school cut off from the world due to an abnormal change, he lost his memory. After being dragged into another world with his sister Chiyo, he encountered a demon, and obtained the power of a demon called “The Power of Void”.

Vanitas (CV: Shigeru Chiba)

The black bunny doll, out of nowhere, will make a chirping sound. When the protagonist is attacked by a demon in another world, he helps out and has a good relationship with Chiyo.

Hyuga Wang (CV: Kuroki Honoka)

A third-year student in the Higher Department, a majestic and awe-inspiring girl. Served as the president of the student union before the change, he was frank and straightforward, approachable and at the same time very serious and responsible, meticulous, and very popular among students.

Nobuya Yukita (CV: Yuki Sakakihara)

A second-grade student in the middle school is a calm boy. The son of the principal has received many educations as heirs. I hate the contractor very much and hate the protagonist.

Tate Ryutaro (CV: Taito Saka)

A second-year student in the higher department is a rebellious teenager. A celebrity in the school. There are many legends about his heroic deeds circulating in the school. He is a “gluttonous contractor.” Although he is the son of an old chaebol enterprise, he will not bully others.

Surugadai Kokoro (CV: Kotori Koiwai)

Mysterious girl in the first grade of the higher department. A genius with a super high IQ is a “lazy contractor” who lives in the library. Like a safe and secure place, and hate hurting others or getting hurt.

Side characters related to the protagonist’s fate

Aikawa Chiyo (CV: Asahina Maruka)

A 1-year-old student in the middle school, a member of the press department. The protagonist who lost his memory is called “brother.” He has bronchial disease and is in poor physical condition due to fog.

Kakeru Hasegawa (CV: Wataru Hatano)

School doctor. Difficult to remember other people’s names, don’t like tidying up, and not good at sports. Although he looks like a fool, but the critical moment is very reliable.

Shinto Sora (CV: Sparrow Mimori)

school principal. He has a good understanding of the alien world and demons, assists the protagonists in their activities, and teaches the methods to defeat the culprits and contractors.

Yugo Kamio (CV: Shinichiro Kamio)

The deacon of the school. Shinya’s martial arts master. Although she is the husband of Sera, she has not been told about the other world and demons.

Choosing different partners will lead to different endings

The main storyline takes the form of multiple endings. The 4 partners will lead to different endings. Players can enjoy the story that happened with their favorite characters. In order to facilitate the player to play in multiple weeks, after clearing the game, the player can choose to skip the same route of the prologue. Because of being able to immediately enter the route of another companion to play, the player can also quickly know the full ending of the game.

Game system

The player’s desire is worth EGO and EGO’s avatars, “dependents”

“EGO” shows the desire values ​​of arrogance, anger, jealousy, lust, greed, gluttony, and laziness on the seven axes. As the story progresses, these values ​​will change based on the player’s answers to the diagnostic questions. EGO will also affect the demon “families” controlled by the protagonist.

Free-movement turn-based combat

The battle is a free-moving turn-based battle. The enemy will attack from behind the protagonists. Players can also think about how to launch a chain attack with their partners. The position of the partner and the enemy will affect the outcome of the battle. In addition, you can activate powerful “powers” after you increase your madness during battle. After the madness reaches the maximum, the character will fall into a “mad state”, attack regardless of the enemy and the enemy for several rounds, and then destroy itself and can no longer participate in the battle.

Up to 6 people can participate in the battle.The composition of team members is also the main factor that affects the situation of the battle.

In the battle, you can activate special abilities by entering the awakening state through the “dominance” frenzy

Explore the thrilling experience and spiritual purification of the abnormal school

The school is shrouded in a fog that can plunge the mind into chaos, and in this fog, calls from other worlds will ring. In order to solve the abnormal situation, the protagonist explores in the fog, avoiding the anomaly, solving the puzzle of the mechanism, and exploring the communication range with the alien world.

Secrets about the birth of the campus RPG “Monark” that tells the desire and madness

The development team of “Monark” is centered on FuRyu’s Lin Fengxiao and LANCARSE’s Hoshino Mitsuhiro, composed of many well-known developers. How did this luxurious development lineup come true? This time, the editorial department of “Famitsu” conducted an online interview with the main developers of this game to visit the whole process of the establishment of the project.

Main members of the development team:

Planner/producer/director: Lin Fengxiao, Hoshino Mitsuhiro
Screenwriter: Lin Fengxiao, Ito Ryotaro
Script supervision & assistance: Kazuki Suzuki, Shitani Nishitani
BGM: Masuko Jin Kecan

Senior developers have been involved in the development after being touched by the enthusiasm of young people

—— What kind of coincidence did the planning of this work start?

Lin Fengxiao (hereinafter referred to as Lin): In the early summer of 2019, this project was already taking shape. When Mr. Hoshino of Lancarse and I talked about the development of a new game, we focused on the “True Goddess Tensei if…” that we all love (the SFC game released in 1994, hereinafter referred to as “if…”) There was a lively discussion.

Hoshino Mitsuhiro (hereinafter referred to as Hoshino): Yes, when I was young, I loved playing “if…” very much. Although I was originally a fan of the “Goddess Tensei” series and the “True Goddess Tensei series”, I was even more fascinated by the worldview set in “if…”-the originally calm campus suddenly became an abnormality In places where the students gradually began to produce some changes. When I was chatting with Mr. Lin, I sighed with each other that I have hardly seen games of this type like “if…” recently.

Lin: Originally, I had been planning the development of campus RPG. I took this opportunity to discuss with Mr. Hoshino. After reaching a consensus on the essence and atmosphere of the game worldview, I added modern elements and originality. The unique features of the game once again build the overall game, this is the prototype of “Monark”. We want a serious and dark worldview to be perfectly integrated with modern elements.

—— After learning about the development, I know why you added Mr. Ito and Mr. Suzuki to the list of developers for this game (laughs).

Lin: Due to the hurried preparation of the plan, we contacted the distinguished Mr. Ito and Mr. Suzuki to discuss together.

Ito Ryotaro (hereafter referred to as Ito): I had a meeting with Kobayashi and Hoshino. The moment I saw their proposal, I deeply felt their love for “if…”. They want to create a work that not only pays tribute to the classics of the past, but also challenges new things, so I look forward to joining them.

Suzuki Kazuya (hereinafter referred to as Suzuki): As Ito said, these two people are not ordinary fanatics for works (suckers). Although it is indeed influenced by past works, the new elements and the “familiar” system they want to try with modern style are still very exciting. What we couldn’t do when we developed SFC games can now be achieved.

—— Mr. Nishitani’s name is also on the list of assistance. How did he participate in the project?

Lin: When I asked Mr. Suzuki for help “I want to add the unique diagnostic system to the game”, he introduced me to Mr. Nishiya, so I entrusted the matter to him.

Nishitani (hereinafter referred to as Nishiya): For me, the greatest joy of developing games is to research new systems. However, in the late 1990s, what people pursued was just to make the story match the existing game system, which also caused people to drift away from the game world. But Kobayashi told me that he wanted to make a system that would use psychological tests. When I learned about the plan of “Monark”, I realized that the foundation of this game is similar to a psychologist’s worldview, which made me excited for a long time and decided to join the development lineup.

Lin: I have resonance with many of the ideas of the philosopher Nietzsche, and the basic theory supporting this work is also very similar to his ideas. After Mr. Nishitani said to me, “It’s really like a psychologist,” I learned that psychologists were also greatly influenced by Nietzsche’s thoughts, which resulted in a strong sense of identity.

—— Finally, there is Mr. Masuko among the members. It seems that the BGM production of this work is none other than him.

Lin: Only Mr. Masuko can make the tune of this composition. I especially wanted to hear the rock genre of battle in this work, so I went to find Mr. Masuko.

Masuko Tsukacan (hereinafter referred to as Masuko): I heard from Yamanaka (Takuya Yamanaka, producer/planner/screenwriter of “Caligula 2”) that Kobayashi wanted to contact me. After the actual meeting, I found that these people are really passionate (laughs). At first, I was not sure whether it was appropriate for me to compose the music. It was not until Kobayashi said “Mr. Masuko’s composition is the best” that I made up my mind to accept the commission. They have all been specifically named, so it’s no good not to accept it.

Lin: I also brazenly expressed my desire to listen to “Zengzi Melody”.

Masuko: No, on the contrary, I can only make “massuk melody”.

Suzuki: Obviously you are proficient in all 18 martial arts.

Masuko: That’s too good, I’m not there yet.

—— So everyone decided to participate in the development because of the enthusiasm of Kobayashi and Hoshino.

Lin: There is no expression of gratitude. In addition, we and other developers have also rubbed out a wonderful chemical reaction. It can be said that we have formed an ideal development team.

Detailed settings and a large number of lines make the story more real

——Mr. Ito is responsible for writing the main storyline of this work, isn’t it?

Ito: I am responsible for the settings and lines of the students in the school. The main plot is still written by Kobayashi. Of course, I will browse and check and give some suggestions.

—— It turns out that, although Kobayashi’s name is also on the list of screenwriters, I still assume that Mr. Ito is in charge of the main storyline.

Lin: Originally I wanted to ask Mr. Ito to write all the scripts, and I didn’t write anything at all. But during meetings and dinners, I also talked about the future prospects of becoming a game developer who can plan the game system and write the plot like the two at that time. One day, at the script meeting, they were very interested in the plot information I showed and supported me to try my own script writing. “I believe you can do it. Anyway, we will also check and supervise it. Why don’t you try to write it yourself? ?”, so I decided to write the script myself.

Suzuki: The overall concept of the main storyline has been determined at the script meeting, and the role of the debut will be handled by Kobayashi more smoothly, so it is not a bad idea to let Kobayashi, who is also a director, try screenwriting. Moreover, Ito is already very busy because he is responsible for setting up the students.

Ito: Since it was decided at the script meeting to make the school a lifelike stage, the story of 100 students was required for this work, so I was responsible for it. Although I was relatively optimistic at the beginning, it is really troublesome to work if I can’t concentrate all my energy (smiles).

——100 people! It takes a lot of time just to think about everyone’s settings.

Ito: Yes. Because Xiaolin wants every student to appear more real, he also needs to write more detailed settings, and pay attention to words and sentences in terms of lines.

Suzuki: Even with the same character, his lines will frequently change as the story progresses.

——Mr. Lin judged from the beginning that this game requires 100 characters?

Lin: The campus is the main stage of the story, and it originally has a vast area. As the story progresses, there will be more school buildings and other locations that can be explored, so 100 people is the minimum requirement. In the beginning, I just wanted to “let the students with their own names appear on the stage”, but the settings carefully conceived by Mr. Ito finally gave birth to charming characters. I really appreciate him.

Ito: Although I am very happy to hear you say that, but because of my willfulness, I have produced many characters with strange settings, and I can only self-destruct in the end. Supervisor Mr. Suzuki said that he obviously had such a wonderful setting, but he didn’t use it at all, which caused me to eat a lot of red cards (wry smile).

—— There are a large number of students, and you have fine-tuned the settings, which is why it is so hard.

Suzuki: Although I am a supervisor in the team, I have a grasp of the overall situation. Kobayashi and Ito, who wrote the script, are the key people who make the characters truly agile. Maybe it’s a bit of superiority, but from the perspective of a third party, these two have inserted the right complaints in their works, and they will create more excellent works in the future.

——Are there any characters on the stage that you want players to pay special attention to?

Lin: From my standpoint, I hope everyone can pay attention to each role. But if you insist on giving an example, it would be 4 candidates. They have different personalities, and they can also be divided into factions such as Hope School and Lingtai Lang School in the development team.

Suzuki: Your favorite member should be こころ, right?

Lin: I like all the characters very much, there is no special treatment. But こころ belongs to certain audiences who will particularly like the role.

Suzuki: Although I like こころ very much, this is the only character I rarely ask Kobayashi for. And I finished it early in the morning, and the lines were written by feeling (laughs).

——Mr. Ito’s favorite character?

Ito: I like Rintaro.

Suzuki: That’s it.

Ito: Ryutaro’s name also has twists and turns, because his name is very similar to my name (Ryutaro), so I have a sense of closeness. In the eyes of the same sex, he is also a person to look forward to. I believe that people like Rintaro will have many believers, so we also set up many students who follow him. Although the large number of students makes us very hard, but it is also very happy to be able to create many characters with interesting settings.

—— This will be more creative value. Please tell us about the specific work content of Mr. Nishitani.

Nishiya: I was responsible for conceiving the original diagnosis part. At first, I thought that it needed to have the same weight as a psychological test book. After completion, Kobayashi cut it down to a suitable length and modified it to more in line with the world view of this work. In the 5 diagnoses, there were both the text adventure part and the reading comprehension picture part. We added scientific knowledge from color psychology, brain science, and Feng Shui theory. It even became my job for a while (laughs).

Lin: Considering the playing rhythm, I had to make some cuts and adjust the lines of the character being diagnosed to better suit his tone. I have played the original version of the finished version. The finished version contains Mr. Nishitani’s supplementary explanation of the reason for the diagnosis intent round, which is very interesting. I hope I will have the opportunity to introduce the information of the completed version to you in the future.

——Is there anything particularly hard in the process of assisting in completing the diagnosis part?

Nishitani: When creating the original, I spent a lot of time on the following two points. The first is how to combine the diagnosis with the player’s parameter changes. Since the fun of the diagnosis itself is not the same as the fun of the diagnosis part of the game, how to balance the two is my second headache. Although I have relevant experience for the first question, the second question is also my first challenge, and I have been troubled by it for a long time.

—— Please tell us about the interesting part of the diagnosis.

Nishitani: This game absorbs the seven human desires as game elements in a positive sense. In order to understand which desires are the strongest, players need to undergo 5 diagnoses. For example, after receiving the diagnosis of the text adventure part, everyone will understand what purpose we are asking questions, but the reading comprehension part of the picture may be the first thing the players come into contact with. After trying the two methods, the players will know what desires and abilities they have, and I hope everyone will like them.

Pursue an easier way to play

—— I would like to ask Mr. Hoshino and Mr. Lin about the interesting aspects of campus exploration and battle.

Hoshino: When exploring the campus, players can see the changes in the mood of the students from inside the campus that has fallen into an abnormal state. As Mr. Ito mentioned earlier, each student has his own lines, and as the plot unfolds, we can see their various words and deeds. Due to the large number, management matters including inspections have become very cumbersome, but in order to create a game that satisfies everyone, we still have no slack. In addition, even if the ability of your partner is lower than that of the enemy in the battle, as long as the operation is done properly, the opponent can still be defeated. We have adjusted this balance.

Lin: The adjustment of character levels and skills is equipped with a system that can be adjusted at any time. Although character attributes can be improved through resources such as in-game and currency and experience points, resources can also be reclaimed by resetting strengthening objects. , Used for the development of other roles.

——It seems that you can train your companions.

Lin: Random development and resetting functions are also part of the remedial measures. Due to the different elements in the main story, not only the ending, but also the part of the story and the order of choosing partners vary from person to person, so we must prepare corresponding remedial measures.

Hoshino: In order not to fall into a dead end no matter how the game is played, we are in the critical stage of adjusting the balance of the game.

—— Mr. Masuko, please tell me what is worth paying attention to in the BGM that sets off the atmosphere of the story and the battle?

Masuko: Kobayashi requires all repertoires to be unpowered, so the violin, piano, drums, and guitar are all recorded live. On the other hand, the live sound will bring the same effect as Live. I mixed some sounds that need to be played into the mechanical sounds. Especially with a lot of violin sounds, it sounds very realistic.

Lin: Because this work is based on human desires, I want to make people feel the breath of people in the music, so I ask Mr. Masuko to listen to it on the spot. I hope everyone can listen carefully to each BGM, especially the chemical reaction brought by the live radio and “Zengzifeng Melody” must not be missed.

—— About how many BFM produced by Mr. Masuko are included?

Masuko: About 40 poems.

Lin: It was originally planned to have about 30 songs, but eventually it was increased to 40. Mr. Masuko composes the music very fast. For example, I want to add a little melody to the song humming by the protagonist’s sister in the middle of the night, and directly include the tune she hummed when recording the voice actor’s dubbing. So Mr. Masuko immediately completed the demo of the music on VOCALOID, which shocked me (smiling wry). By the way, this track seems to be the music inserted into the cartoon by a girl that will be broadcast on Sunday morning. It turns out that Mr. Masuko can not only make the handsome rock style of Danmei style round, but also can create this kind of music, which I deeply admire.

Ito: Mr. Masuko can compose any tune. When developing “if…”, everyone said with great interest that they would create a school song. I spent 15 minutes conceiving the lyrics, and then I went to Mr. Masuko. Although he quickly finished the production of the school song, I remember his reluctant expression when he first gave the lyrics to him (laughs).

Together: laugh.

—— Finally, please say a few words to readers who are looking forward to this work.

Ito: On the campus where disaster strikes, enjoy the fun of multi-week tours while communicating with students who seem to be very real.

Suzuki: “Monark” is a blockade story that matches the fog particularly well. The campus of this game is also shrouded in fog, exuding a dangerous atmosphere.

Nishitani: “Monark” affirms human desire and uses it as the source of power for the character. Desire is not the source of all evil, it can also be a source of strength, a source of goodwill. This is a work that symbolizes the current era and the world. If you try to play, it might change your worldview.

Masuko: There are also multiple arrangement versions of the same track in this work, which made me try a challenge that I have never tried before. I hope you can pay more attention to the arrangement of this work.

Hoshino: The development has finally come to the final stage. We are currently making every effort to adjust the balance of the game, so stay tuned.

Lin: I believe that this work will not disappoint everyone’s expectations. I hope you can discuss the team members you want to choose and discuss your desires and psychology with your friends before the game is officially released. We will continue to release new information in the future, so please pay attention.

Compilation: Shiina Pear
Source: Bonfire Camp


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