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The Last of Us Part II victim of an avalanche of bad grades

Released last Friday, The Last of Us Part II unleashes passions and finds itself at the heart of a controversy crystallized on the Metacritic site. The game is currently undergoing a so-called “review bombing”. In other words, players have decided to campaign to smash the game in the Notes field in order to get a message to its developers or simply for unhealthy pleasure. We can no longer count the number of zero pointed with a comment for a bunch of bullshit of all kinds. It is not hidden from you that these lines are written in anger.

The Last of Us Part 2 for Metacritic

While the trade press is unanimous on the quality of the title, some players do not hesitate to cry scandal. We are still talking about a beautiful 95/100 on a hundred professional tests and a ridiculous 3.4 / 10 side registered. So why is The Last of Us Part II a victim of review bombing? We have dissected everything and distinguish three types of returns. First, the conservatives (or commonly known as foolish fools) who can’t stand the fact that Ellie is a lesbian and that the game fully displays her sexuality. Already, the trailer for E3 2018 had caused a lot of negative reactions following the kiss scene.

Then, those who think they are militating against the Naughty Dog studio and its crunch practice popularized in recent months. We have just published a full article on this subject. Now, if you don’t want to support the studio, don’t buy the game.

Finally, third and last category: disappointment. This is the majority, a lot of players say they are disappointed with this second installment and more particularly with its script and the new tasteless characters. We won’t say more for fear of spoiling you. Besides, avoid hanging out on social networks if you want to play the game, it is teeming with revelations that could ruin the experience. Now it’s one thing to be disappointed, but to put a zero is big nonsense and nameless bad faith.

The fact remains that our test is being written, so stay in the corner if you want a detailed opinion on this game. It must be said that with this surge of hatred, we no longer know what to think.

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