“The Lantern and Dungeon” relies on what “out of the circle” to explode?

The number of players over 2 million in the 3 days of going online, how can the “small and beautiful” “Dungeon and Lantern” be marketed out of the circle?

01. The celadon game “Dungeon and Lantern” was launched on the iOS game free list and the top of the best-selling list

After the Spring Festival, Celadon Games’ Roguelike game “Dungeon and Lantern” was born, and it quickly rose to the top of the iOS game free list and ranked among the top ten best-selling iOS games. Compared with mainstream game types, Roguelike games have not been a big hit, and “Dungeon and Lantern” has not continued the high-scale and continuous buying style of the celadon game’s predecessor “The Strongest Snail”, but it is a masterpiece of many major manufacturers. “Encirclement and suppression” broke out the siege.

According to data from the DataEye-ADX platform, “The Lantern and Dungeon” did not aggressively attack on the marketing side. Judging from its launch trend, “The Lantern and the Dungeon” began to be sold on February 21st. Ushered in the peak of delivery, the average daily delivery of 292 sets of materials has dropped slightly since March 7, and has stabilized at 165 sets of materials since then.

From the distribution of distribution channels, the main investment headline channel and B station (1.2%) of “Dungeon and Lantern” are channels. Among them, Pangolin Alliance (31.68%), Douyin (18.8%), Today’s Toutiao (17.72%), Douyin Volcano Edition (15.44%), and Watermelon Video (14.81%) 5 major headline channels accounted for 98.45% of the total delivery.

Unlike the celadon game’s explosive “Strong Snail”, which has thousands of materials on the peak date, the purchase volume covered by all channels is different, “The Lantern and Dungeon” is not for mass players, but through more comprehensive marketing. The means are aimed at the core audience group.

02. Purchase volume creativity does not focus on digging out the richness of creativity, but pays more attention to highlighting product characteristics and highlights

According to data from the DataEye-ADX platform, the purchased material of “Dungeon and Lantern” does not focus on exploring the richness of creativity, but focuses on highlighting the characteristics of the product itself. The creativity is concentrated in three categories, one is focused on the game itself, such as worldview, gameplay, favorites, equipment, etc.; the other is the editing creativity of the game anchor, which highlights the fun of the game through the operation and explanation of the anchor; the other is Real-life creative materials, the main ideas are “no gold”, “high burst rate” and other marketing selling points.

It can be seen that although “Dungeon and Lantern” also has 20% of the purchase amount of material, the game’s explosive rate, liver degree and other refreshing ideas to attract mass game players, but more game purchase ideas are still concentrated in the game Its own Roguelike elements and elements such as “Dungeon Scrubbing” and pet development obviously pay more attention to the accuracy of the information flow on the side of the purchase volume.

03. The “six people and one cat” team has become an important marketing point, and the gameplay comes with a highly communicative stalk

In other marketing aspects, “Dungeon and Lantern” is a moderately independent game. The Android channel has priority on the official website for core players, TapTap, Station B, and Haoyou Kuaibang, and the focus is on the iOS side. Vigorously promote it with TapTap. It can also be seen from this marketing strategy that “The Lantern and Dungeon” pays more attention to the acquisition of accurate users.

In addition to channels, “Dungeon and Dungeon” focuses on content marketing on content platforms such as station B, Douyin, Kuaishou, and TapTap. It uses a large number of KOL marketing videos to promote and promote the content on platforms such as station B, Douyin and Kuaishou. The core is based on the selling points of the game. Two important marketing selling points derive a lot of creative content not only for KOL promotion, but also for multi-channel distribution of high-quality content.

(1) “Six people and one cat” Curry House out of the circle

The first is the creative content developed by the “Church House”, the main creative team of “Dungeon and Lantern”. Under the official guidance, the “six people and one cat” are shaped into a topic of discussion, and through the “Church House” production documentary “, “Planning Dove Outdoor Women’s Dance”, “Cat Goro Women’s Wear” and other content continue to increase the topic’s popularity, not only becoming a content dynamic that the game player group will continue to pay attention to, but also becoming a favorite of game players, general users and the general public. This is a topic that also generates more natural flow into the game.

This kind of emotional marketing will make users have a certain emotional connection to the creative team outside the game, and will be more tolerant of the game. At the same time, they will pay more attention to the team and the process of making the game. Increase the popularity of the game in the middle, and will be more sticky to the game under continuous attention.

(2) “Playing games in the bed” hot stalks exploded

There is a very hot stalk in the marketing content that comes from the “Dungeon and Lantern” game content itself. Due to the game settings, players can adjust the brightness of the lantern to adjust the difficulty of the game and the probability and richness of items falling. This also means that players can choose to increase the brightness to defeat the boss according to their own wishes, or lower the brightness to get more coins and resources, making the game more interesting.

In terms of KOL play on the content platform, “playing games in the bed” is used by major KOLs as the creative core to produce and promote content, and set off a wave of “playing games in the bed”, which makes many users think This gameplay of “Lantern and Dungeon” generated strong interest.

04. Evaluate the game’s absorption elements during the purchase test phase, and niche categories can also attract mass players

The key to the successful marketing of “The Lantern and Dungeon” lies in highlighting the core selling points. In addition to the support and guidance based on the successful experience of celadon games in the marketing of “The Strongest Snail”, the purchase test is carried out in the early stage of the purchase to evaluate the game’s attraction. Quantitative elements are also quite necessary.

According to data from the DataEye-ADX platform, “Dungeon and Lantern” has a wave of daily average purchases of 50+ materials in mid-to-late December 2020. During the period, the number of related plans, retweets and other data ranked top materials are all Marketing ideas that are being pushed for the moment.

Thanks to the characteristics of low production cost and strong gameplay, Roguelike games have become one of the most commonly selected game types for independent studios. With the emergence of some phenomenal works, Roguelike games are also called “small and beautiful” game type. Compared with mainstream game types, this kind of game screen is simpler, the game content is complex, and the audience is relatively limited.

“Lantern and Dungeon” continues to dominate the iOS game free list, and firmly ranks in the iOS game best-selling list TOP10, which also means that through its game characteristics and all-round marketing promotion, this game breaks through the original audiences and attracts A large number of “mass players” may not have much contact with Roguelike games before, but they are still attracted by its core selling points. This also means that the differentiated characteristics of the game combined with the marketing and promotion of the prominent selling point, the niche category can also attract a large number of mass players.

Source: DataEye
Original: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/PdVE5igHD4Pnm-SiMu2Gag


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