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The Lada is still an “unbeaten warrior” in Russia


Despite declining sales, Lada is still the leading brand in the Russian auto market; market share even increased slightly.

The Russian car market has declined by 9.5% in the past 2020 due to epidemics and social isolation and isolation affecting sales. Market sales were only 1.6 million units, with Skoda being the brand with the best growth (6.8%), while Lada remained the brand with the largest market share.

The Russian auto industry peaked sales of 2.92 million vehicles in 2013, reaching the top 10 of the world’s largest auto markets. However, this market has been hit hard by the US and EU sanctions related to Crimea. In just three years, from 2014 to 2016, car consumption in Russia has more than halved to just 1.42 million units. After that, the market started to recover.

In 2018, the market achieved sales of 1.8 million units, then decreased slightly (2.4%) in 2019, with 1.76 million units. In 2020, the market got off to a good start with sales increasing 3.1% in February and 3.8% in March, but then immediately plunged in April, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. ; sales fell 71.5%, also the worst month of the year. The market recovered and started to grow again in July (+ 2.1%). In fact, in the last 6 months almost every month sales also increased, only in October decreased by 13.4%.

By brand, in the past 2020, Lada has sales decreased by 5.2%, but market share increased by 0.9%, still leading the market; followed by Kia (sales decreased by 10.7%, market share decreased by 0.2%. Meanwhile, Hyundai did not lose market share, but sales decreased by 8.8%, ranked third, with Renault, with sales down 11.4%, still holding 4th position in the Russian market, followed by Volkswagen (down 5.5%).

Skoda ranked 6th, the best-performing brand, with sales up 6.8%. Followed by Toyota (-11.6%) fell one notch, then Nissan, with sales down 13.3%. The worst in the top 10 is Gaz, with sales down 19.9% ​​in the past 2020, while BMW moves up a notch to enter the top 10, with sales up 2.9%.

Lada’s No. 1 position in the Russian car market has been maintained for many years.

In 2020, the best-selling model in Russia is still the Lada Granta, although sales are down 7.2% to 126,112 units. Followed by the Lada Vesta – down 3.7% to 107,281 units, and Kia Rio – down 4.8% to 88,064 units sold.



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