The Korean media do not like Mr. Biden

The Korean media do not like Mr. Biden

The media run by the communist government in North Korea – the only legal means of accessing information in the country – mentioned for the first time that the United States has a new President in an article published on Saturday ( January 23).

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DPRK Today, a government agency less well known than top newspaper Rodong Sinmun or the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), mentioned this only when it came to the Capitol turmoil on June 6. / 1, according to Korean news agency Yonhap. No other North Korean news agency mentioned that Mr. Biden became president of the United States at the time of the Inauguration on January 20.

During Barack Obama’s presidency – a time that saw more nuclear weapons tests by North Korea than in any other presidency, and during Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign, home media North Korea has criticized Mr. Biden badly. A special column in KCNA in 2019 called Mr. Biden a “wild dog” and called to kill him “as quickly as possible” with a stick.

“The US Congress did not declare Biden as president on January 6 and had to confirm Biden as the winner the next day,” DPRK Today wrote, quoted by Yonhap agency.

“This marks the first time a North Korean media has mentioned Mr. Biden’s victory since he won the US presidential election on November 7 (Washington time),” Yonhap noted. “The North Korean media remain calm on this issue even as their closest ally, Chinese President Xi Jinping, sent a congratulatory message to Mr. Biden on November 25.” .

The South Korean newspaper notes that North Korea often takes days to announce personnel changes in Washington and often publishes articles on other topics.

North Korea opened the new year with the eighth Korea Workers’ Party Congress (WPK), which drew most of the attention of state media. The Party Congress is often an opportunity for President Kim Jong-un to set the nation’s agenda for the next five years, promote or demote top officials at will and receive full praise for succeed in a leadership role.

The January event, however, was slightly different in that Kim opened up by admitting the failures of his government.

“Although the implementation of the 5-year National Economic Development Strategy ended last year, most sectors have not met the set targets”, Mr. Kim delivered the opening speech. At the end of the congress, the North Korean leader announced what the state media called “the most powerful weapon in the world”, identified by outside observers as a ship-launched ballistic missile. implicit.

North Korea has for years boasted of its illegal nuclear weapons program, claiming not only the warheads in operation, but the missiles needed to strike the US. Kim often refers to nuclear weapons in public speeches as a “deterrent to war” and argues that they are necessary to prevent a full-scale attack from the United States.

North Korea conducted six nuclear tests, four of which were under Obama. Pyongyang’s last nuclear test occurred in September 2017, leading to President Donald Trump imposing unprecedented severe sanctions on the country. Trump’s administration also persuaded the United Nations, especially China, to approve the enforcement of the sanctions through the Security Council. Kim Jong-un has not tested a nuclear weapon since.

Entering the White House, Biden and his diplomatic team have alluded to a return to Obama-era North Korean policies, which have resulted in two-thirds of North Korea’s nuclear tests taking place during the period. there.

South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo notes that, prior to Biden’s inauguration, he invited a number of “Obama era-experienced officials” to lead his diplomatic group, reversing President Trump’s policies. . At the top of the list is Wendy Sherman, a Clinton-era diplomat who Biden sought to appoint as deputy foreign minister. Sherman played a role in negotiations with North Korea under President Bill Clinton.

The JoongAng Ilbo notes: “The return of veteran officials in the Obama administration signals a difference with former Trump’s personal diplomatic approach to North Korea, including two unprecedented summits of with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “.

Mr. Trump became the first president in US history to meet a North Korean dictator in 2018, participating in face-to-face talks with Mr Kim in Singapore. The second meeting took place a year later in Hanoi, but Mr Trump abruptly left, claiming Kim’s team was too hasty to demand the sanctions be lifted without any significant drop. in Pyongyang’s nuclear development.

Left-wing South Korean President Moon Jae-in encouraged the Biden Administration to follow President Trump’s lead after his meeting in Singapore.

“The inauguration of the new Biden administration could be the driving force for a new beginning of both US-North Korea relations and inter-Korean dialogue”, Mr. Moon said just before Mr. Biden’s inauguration, referring to the Singapore Declaration is “A very important statement on denuclearization and the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

A significant obstacle to such negotiations may be the personal dislike of Mr. Biden in the Korean state media.

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