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The ‘King of Tai Chi’ saves people and is criticized

Master Vuong Chiem Hai recently caused storms in China after saving a girl from suicidal ideation. However, many opinions suggest that it is all just staging.

On February 23, martial arts master Vuong Chiem Hai – who called himself “Tai Chi King” accidentally discovered a girl attempting to commit suicide, while he was walking around the beach with his friends. Although some others and the rescuers tried to persuade the girl, the girl did not return to the mainland.

Before that situation, Vuong Chiem Hai did not hesitate swim into the cold water and successfully brought the girl back to shore. The master surnamed Vuong also shared his actions on social media and received a lot of praise.

Vuong Chiem Hai made a chivalrous hand. Photo: Sohu

However, the online community in China also appeared mixed opinions. Many people think that this is just a drama to take the reputation of the martial arts master Vuong, because they realize that the girl who just stepped into the water position is still quite shallow and not really in danger.

This is not the first time Vuong Chiem Hai has been suspected of being related to the “dramatic” acts. Recovery Last June, MMA puncher Xu Xiaodong posted a denunciation forum taste Tai chi martial arts master spent 4 times to make money for other players to deliberately lose to him, in order to consolidate his reputation.

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The master surnamed Wang was suspected of making up for his voice. Photo: Sohu

Wang Chiem Hai is a famous name in Tai Chi village in China. He is the 12th generation heiress of Tai Chi Quyen Tran Gia and taught this martial art to movie actor Ly Lien Kiet.

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