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“The King of Pop” Michael Jackson wanted to play Professor X in the “X-Men” in 2000

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King of pop Michael Jackson was planning to take part in the first X-Men project in 2000 as Professor X – Chales Xavier.

X-Men is one of the most influential films of the 2000s. The film helped start the era of superhero movies currently dominating Hollywood. Characters like Wolverine and Professor X have imprinted on fans’ minds. However, do you think these characters will be played by another actor? The latest news on this brand has told us that.

“The King of Pop” Michael Jackson once wanted to play Professor X

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Michael Jackson, the king of pop music behind works such as Thriller, Billie Jeans, … was once quite serious when asked to play Charles Xavier – Professor X. Even more daring, he wanted to “bleach” to play the role this.

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A new report has gone into this, specifically regarding director Bryan Singer. From the outset, Michael Jackson met Singer and a group of X-Men producers in 1999 with the purpose of convincing them that he should be the one who should play Professor X. Back then Michael Jackson was supposed to always wear sunglasses. and refused to shake hands with anyone. But that is only the beginning. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner shared even more bizarre incidents.

“I told him, ‘Do you know Xavier is an older white person?’ And Michael said, ‘Oh yes. You know, I can do make up. ‘”

Michael Jackson then conducted an elaborate presentation including a short film titled Ghosts. In it, Michael Jackson plays a white mayor in his 60s. He is “fighting a local entertainer for children with magic tricks”. It seems that Jackson is quite serious about achieving this role.

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20th Century Fox never really had an eye on Michael Jackson. Ultimately, the role belonged to Patrick Stewart and he played it for two decades.

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