The Katyusha rocket hits the US Embassy again

The Katyusha rocket hits the US Embassy again

(News 24h)
                        Two Katyusha rockets hit the Green Zone of Baghdad, an area of ​​government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions.

The Iraqi army said that on the evening of January 8 (local time), two Katyusha missiles hit the Green Zone of Baghdad, an area of ​​government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions.

The attack did not cause casualties for civilians and civilians operating in the area.

The siren has sounded in the Green Zone. Some witnesses said two loud bangs were heard after the siren had sounded. Police sources claim a rocket dropped about 100 meters from the US embassy.

Ten of Katyusha returned to the US Embassy
Iraqi soldiers stand guard in front of the US Embassy in Baghdad.

The incident happened 24 hours after the Iranian missile attack on military bases in Iraq with US troops and coalition troops. There is currently no force responsible for accepting it.

Notably, the attack came after it was reported that Iran used at least three underground diplomatic channels, through Switzerland and other countries, to send a message to the United States that its retaliation actions. is over, after the morning attack on January 8.

According to CNN, when US officials were busy assessing the damage from the Iranian missile attack on two US military bases in Iraq, they received many messages from Iran with the content only. Best: We are done.

Tehran has promoted communication through at least three underground diplomatic channels since the end of January 7, through Switzerland and other countries. Iran wants to convey that its retaliation is over and is waiting to see how the US will respond.

This back-and-forth communication comes when US officials are still determining the extent of the attacks and planning a response.

President Donald Trump declared Iran “appears to have entered the country and that is a good thing” and did not take any further military action, but said it would impose sanctions on it.

The United States and Iran have recently contacted through diplomatic channels with Switzerland. Although the channel is always available and still frequently used for consular matters, it is being used as a priority channel in a crisis situation.

“Switzerland is deeply concerned about the serious tension between the United States and Iran and the latest violent confrontation cycle in Iraq. We urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint to avoid escalating further tensions. Switzerland is ready to support initiatives of the international community to seek regional stress relief, “a statement from the Swiss Foreign Ministry said.

Earlier, on the morning of January 8, Iran launched more than 22 ballistic missiles at two US military bases in Iraq. The Pentagon said missiles launched from Iran were aimed at Al-Assad and Irbil bases.

The number of US troops stationed at Al-Assad and Irbil is unknown, but the two bases are home to US commanders in charge of military operations in Iraq. The Al-Assad base contains a number of US aviation assets.

“The brave soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) air unit successfully carried out the attack with dozens of ballistic missiles fired at Ain Al-Asad military base, for General Qassem. Soleimani, “IRGC said in a statement.

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