"The Jersey Incident" Wreaking havoc on Britain and tearing up the EU?

"The Jersey Incident" Wreaking havoc on Britain and tearing up the EU?

The island of Jersey was not an official part of the United Kingdom, only the so-called “Ownership of the Crown” existed that attached an alliance to the British monarchy.

The region has its own administrative offices and London is responsible for military protection, as shown by the dispatch of the patrol boats HMS Severn and HMS Tamar to confront the French battleship.

What is most interesting is the reason for using such “civilized” methods? All of this was a direct result of the painful “divorce” process between the UK and the EU-EU.

One of the most difficult issues is the right of EU fishermen’s access to British waters, which suddenly ceases to be an ally.

As a result of the “divorce agreement”, the Jersey island allows Europeans to fish in their territorial sea, but only on a permit basis and only to those who can prove that they have caught there. before.

The trouble is that only fishing vessels possessing a special beacon can confirm this, and it is only available on large vessels, causing about 80% of small trawlers to suddenly be banned. Traditional fishing grounds.

Apparently this caused outrage towards the French fishermen, who held a protest. The EU leadership was surprised because there was no agreement on such “oddities” from London.

Paris even threatened to cut off the power supply to the island when it secured 95% of the electricity demand there:Electricity goes to Jersey by cable, it would be regrettable if we had to do this, but we would do a blockade if we had to.

In response, Britain sent two warships to the Jersey coast, France responded with two of their own. Seriously, this incident – in which both sides show tough military might and determination to defend national interests, could have serious long-term consequences for Britain, France and the entire Old Continent in general.

The “Jersey Incident” sparked the possibility of a military conflict between Britain and France

After the Brexit event, London made it clear to allies yesterday that they are now apart. The British have a queen, while Europe has Chancellor Angela Merkel. The United Kingdom chose the path of independent development through a coherent economy that merged on the ruins of the former British Empire.

Such ambitions need to be supported by the military, London has been doing. If not, why would they build aircraft carriers and build an aircraft carrier strike group?

According to the view, the above step was necessary for the expulsion of British military power in the process of redistributing the upcoming “colonies”: markets for sales and natural resources. So objectively, the UK is in opposition to the entire European Union.

The Jersey Incident was simply a symptom of a common illness. However, yesterday’s far more serious clashes between the allies could happen in the future.

Hence European countries, mainly Germany and France, could respond to British ambitions by supporting separatist movements in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This risked a resumption of the war of terror, in order for the British to have something to do at home, instead of trying to expand their sphere of influence at the cost of the benefit of “Old World. gender “.

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