The Italian classics are back! Cagiva will be reborn as an electric motorcycle brand

I believe that many people have heard of Cagiva, an Italian brand. Cagiva was founded by Castiglioni, Giovanni, and Varese in the 1950s. In recent years, Cagiva belongs to the MV Agusta Group. Recently, MV Agusta announced that it is preparing to expand the market. When it comes to sales, the Cagiva brand will also make a comeback in the car world again, and is ready to make a comeback as an “electric car brand”.

Since the discontinuation of its hot-selling Mito car series in 2012, the Cagiva brand has entered a dormant state, but as MV Agusta prepares to increase its sales from 3,000 units a year to 25,000 units in the next five years, MV Agusta will let Cagiva has returned to the market as a “urban commuter electric car brand”.

“We are ready to re-enter Cagiva on the market and will produce a series of urban commuter electric vehicles. It is expected that 4kW electric vehicles will be built. These vehicles will be mass-produced in 2021.” MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov said.

In addition, Timur Sardarov emphasized in an interview with foreign media that Cagiva will not produce electric speed-reachable models, but will launch electric models with traditional car models.

Timur Sardarov also mentioned that Cagiva will not have plans to invest in high-performance electric vehicles in a short time, because the current high-performance electric vehicles are still relatively difficult to profit products, so Cagiva will initially use low-power electric vehicles as Lord, but Timur Sardarov also promised that after Cagiva can make stable profits in the future, it will develop into a 350cc high-horsepower electric car.

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