The Israeli service company provides the AI ​​system for Image 1Illustrative image (Source: NextTech)

On January 21, arms manufacturing company Elbit Systems’s Israel notice will give British army systems artificial intelligence (WHOAdvanced aiming to detect and locate targets.

This is part of a contract worth $ 137 million, going into effect for five years between Elbit Systems and the UK Department of Defense.

Elbit’s systems can collect, transmit, and exchange targeted information with response systems for effective co-ordination between forces.

The system would be compatible with British military radio communications systems, allowing the quick and safe transmission of information between forces, and allowing the rapid and accurate use of fire and defense systems. are not.

[Israel-UAE nhất trí về thỏa thuận hợp tác về năng lượng tái tạo]

Founded in 1966, Elbit Systems is headquartered in the city of Haifa, northern Israel, specializing in the development and supply of systems for land, air and naval forces as well as defense products. Homeland security and commercial applications./.

Nguyen Thi Hang (VNA / Vietnam +)