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The Irish Prime Minister resigned amid political impasse

Thu thuong Ireland wishing to be between the 1 and 1 imagePrime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar participated in the vote. (Image: AFP / Getty)

On February 20, after a defeat in parliamentary elections, the Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar applied for resignation, but will continue to play a role of home leader temporary.

Mr Varadkar’s decision came as the three major Irish political parties grappled with coalition negotiations that came to a standstill after an unfinished election.

Mr. Varadkar has submitted his resignation to the President of Ireland. Under the Constitution, the Prime Minister and the Government will continue to carry out their duties until the replacement is appointed.

The political situation in Ireland was at a standstill, after the February 8 general election that no party won enough votes to become the ruling party.

The parties have to form an alliance to get the necessary number of votes, but the negotiation efforts so far have not been effective.

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