iPhone 12 is likely pushed to 2021?

The iPhone screen will make every smartphone user want to try it

(Techz.vn) With Apple’s recent patent, only device owners can see the content displayed on iPhone, iPad through one thing

Over the years, Apple spent a lot of time and effort proving to customers that “Apple cares about user privacy” and does not follow advertising business models like Google, Facebook, … to reveal information. customer information.

Apple CEO Tim Cook once said that privacy is human rights and “will never leave those values.” And the truth is Apple is looking to prove what it claims with new research on Apple Glass.

Specifically, a recently leaked Apple license shows it is looking to take advantage of augmented reality (AR) technology to create an unprecedented way to protect user privacy. .

Apple’s newly registered patent is called “Privacy Screen,” which is simply understood as a screen that can only be viewed by the owner of the mobile device. When this function is activated, the screen on the iPhone and iPad will not display any information, or in other words, completely “dark”.

Instead, information will only be displayed and monitored by the device owner, through wearing a virtual reality headset that Apple will launch in the near future as Apple Glass.

If this patent is successfully developed and put into practice, Apple will become a leading smartphone manufacturer in terms of privacy and will certainly attract more users. Because in this 4.0 era, everyone wants to ensure personal information is safe and do not want to be “scrutinized” when in crowded places.


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