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The iPhone is not worth being snubbed by Vietnamese

If you have about 15-20 million and want to buy a new iPhone – which one will you buy? In some countries like England and the US, the most popular choice is iPhone XR. In the UK, iPhone XR is the best-selling smartphone in the first 3 months of 2019, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Meanwhile in the US, iPhone XR accounts for nearly 40% of iPhone sales in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 and is the best-selling iPhone model, according to CIRP.

Compared to iPhone X, XS and XS Max, iPhone XR is in a "slump" situation in Vietnam

What about in Vietnam? iPhone XR is bad again. The media representative of a leading retail system in the country once shared with the press that iPhone XR sales are quite poor, inventory is high, even users tend to buy iPhone 8 Plus instead of this machine. .

So what's happening to iPhone XR in Vietnam? Why is this machine welcome in the world market but Vietnamese people tend to boycott?

Weakness of iPhone XR and whether iPhone XR is as bad as people think?

There are several technical reasons that make the iPhone XR unpopular. Before the era of slim-edged smartphones, OLED displays and multiple cameras, a device like the iPhone XR with thick edges, LCD screens and single cameras was indeed "backward", especially when considering the price of about 15. -20 million. Some people also do not show enthusiasm for its flashy colors.

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being snubbed by Vietnamese people - Photo 2.

6 colors of iPhone XR

Over a period of actual use of the iPhone XR, I realized that the disadvantages of this device are not as big as many people think:

– The thing that users feel most "painful" in iPhone XR is that the screen is absolutely not worth the trouble. Of course, the thick, low-resolution LCD screen of the iPhone XR is clearly inferior to the slim, high-resolution OLED screen of iPhone X or XS. However, after just a short time of use, I was able to get used to the screen of the iPhone XR and never felt this was a bad screen.

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being snubbed by Vietnamese people - Photo 3.

The LCD screen of iPhone XR is indeed inferior to OLED, but not as bad as people think

– iPhone XR does not have 3D Touch, but in fact, this is not a feature that everyone uses regularly. In addition, after updating iOS 13, iPhone XR will be fully equipped, which was previously available only on models that support 3D Touch, such as Peek and Pop or shortcut (Shortcut) when kept long. Application icon on the main screen.

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being snubbed by Vietnamese people - Photo 4.

After iOS 13 update, iPhone XR will support "shortcut" in the main screen similar to those that support 3D Touch

– iPhone XR has only 1 camera, but the only camera is similar to the iPhone XS camera and still in the top list today. The undisputed drawback of the iPhone XR camera is that it can't take super-wide-angle and optical zoom photos … but think it's not a feature that users often use.

In return for the above disadvantages, iPhone XR also has some unique advantages, especially when compared to rival iPhone X that many people wonder:

– iPhone XR uses aluminum border instead of steel border like iPhone X. Although not glossy, but aluminum border is not scratched and peeled like steel and also easier to preserve over long time.

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being scolded by Vietnamese people - Photo 5.

If well preserved, the aluminum rim of the iPhone XR will be harder to scratch than the steel border of iPhone X / XS

– LCD screen of iPhone XR, although the display quality is lower than OLED but also more durable. Currently, many cases of iPhone X OLED screens are streaked, inked or induced over time. Assuming the screen of the machine is broken, the cost of replacing / repairing LCD screens is also significantly cheaper.

– iPhone XR is equipped with Bionic A12 chip like iPhone XS, is also the most powerful mobile chip today. At the present time, the experience of using iPhone XR compared to devices with old chips like A11 Bionic or A10 Fusion is unknown to realize, but in the long run, being equipped with a new chip will bring Coming for iPhone XR many advantages.

– Speaking of strong points of iPhone XR, it is impossible to ignore battery life. In fact, battery life is also the most attractive point of the iPhone XR compared to all other iPhone models. With so many iPhone users today (especially models like iPhone 6 / 6s / 7) often complain about battery life, they will feel a significant upgrade when switching to iPhone XR.

However, to be honest, the iPhone XR also has some weaknesses that may make you feel uneasy:

– A feature that is missing on the iPhone XR that I feel users will be most disappointed is that it cannot take pictures of objects that are only human. This is one thing that even cheap smartphones can do, so why can't an expensive machine with powerful processing capabilities like the iPhone XR be able to do it?

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being snubbed by Vietnamese people - Photo 6.

iPhone XR can't take photos of other fonts except people

– As mentioned above, one thing that many people hate about the iPhone XR is that it's too … flashy. And indeed, some red, orange, green or yellow versions of the iPhone XR are indeed very flashy and not everyone feels eyed.

The flashy color is something many people don't like about iPhone XR

In short, the iPhone XR is not only as bad as many people think, but on the contrary, this is an excellent product. It inherits all the advantages that users love in an iPhone such as stability, high security, ecosystem services such as iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud and the App Store with many quality applications. Plus the powerful performance of the A12 chip, less error-prone LCD screen, durable aluminum border … users can easily use an iPhone XR in 2, 3 or even 4 years without meeting problem.

Compared to the Android models of the same price range, the XR iPhone loses many factors: not many cameras, no OLED screen, no unique features such as super fast charging or wireless reverse charging. So why is the iPhone XR still worth choosing? The reason is very simple: not everyone wants to use Android. Not everyone wants to be "abandoned" by the manufacturer after 1-2 years of support. Not everyone is willing to give up services like iMessage or FaceTime. Or not everyone wants to suffer from jerks, lag – the disease often seen in Android after a long time of use.

There are many more reasons that iPhone users will not want to switch to Android, even though the Android device is always better at hardware specifications. But to summarize, the comparison of iPhone and Android is always lame when each model has its own advantages that the rest of the models don't have.

Although good, but "poor" still makes iPhone XR sluggish

iPhone is a famous product line by high-end, and in Vietnam, is "luxurious". Whenever owning an iPhone, even if it is an old machine, people still feel a little more proud because they are on the hands of a top product that is or has been storming the market. .

Buy iPhone XR, users don't get that feeling. Since birth, iPhone XR has suffered from a second-class device, which is the foundation for a higher-end iPhone XS. In addition to the media effect and the tech fanaticism, iPhone XR is recognized by users as a failed product and not worth owning.

This is not too strange a story. In 2013, the iPhone 5c faced a similar situation: although it was essentially an iPhone 5 instead of plastic, but if the iPhone 5 was hunted by users, the iPhone 5c was "estranged". Many people, instead of buying the iPhone 5c, decided to buy the old iPhone 5 – similar to the current iPhone XR and iPhone X stories.

iPhone XR: The iPhone is not worth being scolded by Vietnamese people - Photo 8.

Many people will still choose older models like the iPhone X instead of the iPhone XR

However, it is the "failure" of iPhone XR that brings good news to users, when the price of this machine is constantly decreasing. No matter how bad a product is, if it is set at a reasonable price, it will still attract the attention of users.

The most obvious proof for this judgment is that the iPhone 5c "failed": the first time sales were disastrous, but about 1.5 years later, the iPhone 5c suddenly became a fever in Vietnam thanks to the unexpected low price. . And we believe that, someday, iPhone XR will be well received.

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