The iPhone 11 can be reversed, but Apple seems to have disabled that feature.
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The iPhone 11 can be reversed, but Apple seems to have disabled it

Many rumors before the event that the iPhone 11 will be capable of reverse charging, but this was not mentioned in the recent iPhone launch.

But according to Apple-based leaker, Sonny Dickson – citing reliable sources – all three new iPhones have the hardware needed for this reverse charging feature, allowing wireless charging for other compatible devices. like Qi standard like Apple Watch.

However, for some reason, Apple is said to have turned off this feature in the software of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Dickson did not say why the company did so.

Prior to Tuesday's product launch, reverse charging was one of the most anticipated items on the iPhone's new feature list. Both Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the two most accurate sources of information about Apple's products before launch, said that the new iPhones will have this feature. But just a few days before the event began, both of them reversed their forecasts.

While it is likely that Apple will enable this feature in the future, it is unlikely. Besides the iPhone 11, there are rumors that Apple will launch an object tracking product called Apple Tag on Tuesday. However, the product has not been launched, but at least on the company's website there is information that they will launch in the future. However, that doesn't happen with reverse charging.

The iPhone 11 can be reversed, but Apple seems to have disabled that feature.

This reverse charging capability has great potential for iPhones, as it can be used to charge other accessories like Apple Watch or AirPods, which are becoming increasingly popular among iPhone users. This becomes even more essential when the Lightning cable does not support reverse charging like a USB-C cable.

Perhaps we won't have to wait long to confirm these rumors when new iPhones will go on sale next week and perhaps as usual, iFixit engineers will soon have it on hand and start getting it. Disassemble this device to find out.

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