The iOS 14 update is packed with new features, but only for iPhone users
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The iOS 14 update is packed with new features, but only for iPhone users

The iOS 14 update is packed with new features, but only for iPhone users

Nguyen Duy Linh

8 hours ago

All new features on iOS14 encapsulated in a photo. Source: Apple

Apple’s WWDC 2020 event has just ended with no iPhoneOS as rumored, fortunately! It is still iOS14 like many years ago and this is an update with many interface changes in recent years. Let’s take a look at the new features with iFan available on iOS 14!

1. User interface and utilities

New widgets appear everywhere on the Home screen. Source: Apple

One of the biggest changes of iOS14 is about the user interface at the main screen. The appearance of the App Library page does not contain application folders, they are quite similar to the App Drawer that has been removed by many Android manufacturers or hidden options. They help to consolidate connected applications to help users find and use them more.

Instead of utilities that have a separate page like previous iOS models, iOS14 allows you to insert these gadgets into the space of the applications on the main screen, and you can also zoom in and out. This is different from the one done on Android or Window long ago. The main difference is that the flexibility with animation effects and beautiful design is the big plus.

2. New Siri virtual assistant with translation capabilities

New Siri interface. Source: Apple

If you are a regular user of Google or Bixby virtual assistant, it will be no stranger to the ability to translate directly via communication commands such as “hey Google, how to say Hello in Japanese”. Or request to open existing translation applications but Google Translate, Samsung Dictionary.

Siri is now different and will no longer be a separate activity page, but an icon below that receives commands and displays over the active application. Except for the translation, the new Siri allows converting voice into text written in the message or input.

3. Already has PiP that allows video playback to override other active applications

Finally there is PiP on iPhone. Source: Apple

Basically this is not a new feature, which has existed for a long time on Android to optimize for the increasingly large screen of the phone. It allows a playing video player to display over the active application (not split screen). This will be a new multitasking experience for iPhone users.

4. Next is the upgraded Map

New map with many features but not very useful in Vietnam. Source: Apple

This is basically a major upgrade when Maps on iOS is more accurate from the alley, the corner, even it helps users outline a cycling tour to explore around the city. Highlight locations will have notes or the map will suggest things of interest along the way.

But this is an upgrade that’s probably quite useless in Vietnam because according to Apple, the new map will only support 6 major cities, of course, there is no Vietnam in the list soon.

5. The messaging application has changed

Much more than the new Memoij, group chat more effective. Source: Apple

When it comes to texting, you can not miss the Memoij creator, more than new icons with new hairstyles, new outfits or even Memoij wearing a mask. They will be used in all messaging-enabled applications available on the App Store.

iMessage makes it easier to mention a large group of conversations and avoid missing a reply. You can set images or Memoij for conversation groups.

6. Turn iPhone car keys

Turn iPhone into a car key with CarKey. Source: Apple

Great feature but limited to certain countries and a few supported vehicles. Basically, the CarKey feature on the iPhone will become an NFC key for cars to help open doors or start up. The new CarPlay feature will help turn the iPhone into a wireless control center for cars, it can help open the navigation map, play music, weather forecast, …

7. AppClips preview applications as cards

New AppClips feature on iOS14. Source: Apple

This feature allows the iPhone to use a QR or NFC scanner camera to identify the application needed to use the product service or follow Apple’s calls “everything has an app attached”.

An example is easy to understand, you go to a cafe that has a system of earning points through the app, but you do not know where that app is on the app market.Just scan the QR code at the cashier, the app will appear as a card. , you should see the basics and decide whether or not to download, that’s all.

There are also many new features related to smarthome, pop-up incoming calls, … that Apple brought into iOS 14, which I can hardly list. However, in my personal opinion, iOS14 is an update that brings iOS and Android closer together, while sharing many similar features together.

And this will be the next major update of iOS with a lot of listening features that seem new to iFan in particular.

Open your iPhone and see if there’s a trial version yet? Read the article again and decide whether to download it!

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