The interviewer tells you the five pitfalls of the game’s interactive portfolio

I have screened the resumes for a few days. Behind the various carefully arranged resumes, it can be seen that many students are earnestly attentive and looking forward to their future careers. I wrote about how to prepare a portfolio before:

However, I was somewhat regretful when I saw the pits that some students stepped on, so I compiled a pitfalls encyclopedia, and hope that more students will know how to make a collection of game interactions.

game design

More and more students will add their own game works when delivering the game industry (the internal volume is really getting ahead of schedule). Some works are definitely good, but some students will step on some pits.

1. Game design is more important than development

For interaction designers, instead of spending too much time developing a simple game, it is better to spend more time thinking and trying more at the level of game interaction. If you are not good at development, in fact, you can make a plan or prototype for game settings and game experience design, which can express your own thinking and professionalism. Recruiters don’t care too much about a designer’s coding ability (something is better but not the deciding factor), but they definitely care about a designer’s design ability (this is the deciding factor).

2. Cross-professionals are welcome, but the main business cannot be bad

Because of the multi-dimensional nature of the interactive way, the game interaction will never reject cross-professional students. Students who study animation have their own characteristics in terms of the fluency of experience, and students who study scenes also have their own characteristics in scene design. Even if they are far across majors, for example, many computer software students deliver every year and they are working. The solutions in the output are often highly achievable and can actively explore the technical boundaries of existing functions. There are many other majors, but no matter what the major, the love of games and the interaction of games must have their own knowledge and practice. No work can also be expressed through practice and normal thinking in school. After all, it is still a post of game interaction, and the main business cannot be left behind.

3. Don’t leave yourself a hole in your work

If you are lucky enough to enter the interview, then the portfolio is likely to become the main battlefield for the interviewer. With your portfolio, the interviewer can ask a lot of questions in a variety of ways. Therefore, in the process of making the portfolio, please repeatedly question and ask questions about your own work, and be familiar with your own work and design process. The interviewer does not expect newcomers to make a great work, but they must have their own clear logic and independent thinking.

Interactive Design

Back to interaction design itself, even if you don’t invest in the game industry, some pitfalls should be avoided.

1. Don’t design fake requirements for UI

Interaction designers are also product designers to a certain extent, not to mention that most of what we learn in school is product design, so we must think clearly about the accuracy of product positioning. Generally, there are two manifestations of this: First, all product designs must be equipped with an APP, even if it can be solved by the smart hardware itself, and the hardware itself can design a human-computer interaction interface. At this time, adding a mobile phone is very redundant. . The second is that some problems are actually service system problems, and designers need to consider the communication and communication between multiple people, instead of one app that can coordinate everyone and resources.

2. “Interaction” ≠ “Interface” ≠ “Screen”

You cannot have “interface” works just because you are delivering interactive posts. “Interface” is the existence of communication between people and things. It does not have to be an electronic display screen. The way of interaction is not only through the touch screen. Just like our usual communication with every item in life, it can be the feeling of space, the breath, or the psychological feeling these items bring to us. So please enlarge the concept of “experience” design, you can find more design space, and there are more ways to solve the problem.

3. Avoid the “Red Sea” of the portfolio

Every year, several works will appear repeatedly in everyone’s collections. The ones with the highest probability should be: travel apps, pet apps, school educational administration (or library, canteen) backstage system, social chat… even if many classmates meet Seriously do a competitive product analysis, but when it comes to recruiters, it is inexplicable to do “competitive product analysis” among applicants.

work experience

Many students have internship experience or project experience, which is very good, but these experiences should become their own bonus items.

1. Work experience is best relevant

If you are a student who has a lot of extracurricular activities or is actively involved in part-time jobs, you can briefly write about your experience so that the recruiter will find that you are an active student who loves life. But not all experiences are very detailed. Too many descriptions of work experience that have nothing to do with the job position will make the recruiter think that the student may be a little bit “not doing his job properly” or that his ability is not right for the job position.

2. Let every experience improve yourself

Game interaction will also encounter this kind of resume, and have an internship experience in a major game factory. At first glance, you might think that this candidate has experience in game development, and may be more experienced in doing things. However, a closer inspection reveals that his other works do meet the standards of internships, but the presentation of works done in the company is largely affected by the project involved, and it is more like doing it under the existing framework. What should be done (maybe the same result can be achieved by changing individuals). This is an excellent brick-moving employee, but it may be difficult to bring new value to the project in the long run. I still hope that every internship experience can have a significant effect on my progress.

Content expression

This is also mentioned in the article on how to make a portfolio. The portfolio must clearly express its core values.

1. Highlight the key points

This is really the most important point in content expression. Some collections have two extremes: one is densely packed with a large area, and the design content is written very fully without any detail. But please believe that the recruiters have seen a lot of works and made plans. Many designs can be seen in their eyes no matter how many designs are written. The second is the white space of the blockbuster plus a little exquisite content. The layout looks very high-end, but it is actually difficult to make people think that this work is very content, because the necessary steps in a reliable interactive work are still indispensable, product positioning, information structure , Operation process, etc., it is not enough to write a line of words and a small picture in the middle of a blank space to explain.

2. Analysis and balance of works

This may be more prominent in the works of overseas students. For many students returning from overseas, the concentrated analysis and research of their works occupy most of the space of each work, and the final works may be slightly less. Pre-design analysis, research, and thinking are of course very important, but in many cases you can extract the most valuable and special parts of the process and results, and give the final work more display space, so that recruiters can see your thinking How is the final implementation in the design.

Format layout

The following are details that are relatively simple but easily overlooked.

1. Eat your resume and portfolio together

Although I prefer to look at the portfolio directly (because downloading the two files will not match up), I am very happy to comment on the students who have included their resumes in the front of the portfolio. However, some companies do have size restrictions on the submitted documents, so a separate resume is still necessary. However, it is highly recommended that students put the link of the portfolio on the resume, such as making the resume into an interactive pdf, and clicking the link can directly jump to your online portfolio. Or write your personal website, as long as it is not too long, the recruiter is still willing to check it out.

2. Document portfolio or online portfolio

Can be prepared with both hands. If the online portfolio performs better, I would definitely want to view it online, because it is a problem to manage hundreds of portfolio files on the computer. It is also a good choice for many students to build their own portfolio directly on Zhanku or LOFTER. However, it is also necessary to avoid self-built websites that emphasize the form of the website and ignore the effectiveness of content delivery. In addition, for online portfolios, avoid Baidu web disks that require a password, because sometimes the volume of resumes is too large. For such works that need to be jumped to download and view, we may put them later, and give priority to the ones that are more convenient to open. Works too. If it’s a file portfolio, remember to check it out after compressing it, and don’t overwhelm the picture quality.

3. The file name should be easy to identify

The resumes submitted by many students are called “resumes”, and the portfolios are called “collections”. So after checking a lot, there are many more in the folder: portfolio (1) (2) (3) (4). In this way, even if your work is good, when recruiters look for your portfolio again, it is already submerged in the ocean of files.

It is best to be more standardized on your resume and work names, such as:

In this way, the resume and the work will always be together.

4. The size of the layout is as uniform as possible

If it is a PDF file, it is recommended that each page have at least the same width, so that in the process of reading, there will be no problems that need to be continuously zoomed in and out, and the length is actually acceptable.

5. Personal information and photos

It is not an account check, so it is not necessary to write out all personal information. For example, the ID number, unless required by the recruiting company, do not write it directly for your own privacy protection. As for the photos, they should be clean and tidy. There is really no need for art photos, especially art photos with various poses and angles (after all, who hasn’t come from the age of cheating). I don’t really need a personal MV, really…

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