The Instagram star sells the shower water that caused the network storm to be blocked - Photo 1.

The Instagram star who sold the bathing water caused the storm of the network to be blocked

The Instagram star caused a storm from selling his own bath water, which was blocked after violating the rules of this social network.

This seems to be the result of a report campaign organized to boycott her – but Instagram says such campaigns are not the only reason they lock out accounts.

Belle Delphine has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and became a celebrity on the Internet with two tricks this year: selling her own bath water for $ 30 per bottle, and tricking fans into saying she will be filming a pig movie. PornHub.

The Instagram posts of this 19-year-old girl are often NSFW (Not Safe For Work – should not be seen at work), when Delphine has a hobby of cosplaying skimpy costumes and making ahegao faces – an expression often seen in Japanese adult anime and manga.

But on Friday morning, her Instagram account was locked. When you visit, you will see a simple content: "Sorry, this page is no longer available".

This account lockout occurs after a campaign to remove Delphine from Instagram. When searching for the hashtag #belledelphine on Instagram, you'll see a lot of people who reported her on the grounds of "nudity or pornography".

A screenshot from Instagram users Athlete_thedog shows that Instagram has responded to this user's report request, that Delphine's account has been removed for violating the website's community regulations.

The Instagram star who sold the bathing water caused the storm of the network to be blocked from the account - Photo 2.

An Instagram spokesman confirmed that Belle Delphine's account violated the company's community regulations, but refused to provide more specific information for privacy reasons.

Delphine's account case was locked up just hours after Instagram announced it would update policies to alert users of accounts that were about to be deleted. It is unclear whether Delphine has received such a warning.

Reference: BusinessInsider

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